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North American Health Insurance Company

This review is for the North American Health Insurance Company, which has been bought out by Cigna Insurance. As one of the largest health insurers in the United States, Cigna has more than 30,000 employees and offers an extremely wide variety of both insurance and financial products.

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Cigna was founded nearly 30 years ago in 1982, and offers customers easy access to a list of eligible providers, detailed information on the benefits associated with the different insurance products, and the financial security of a company that had more than $21 billion in revenue in 2010.

North American Health Insurance Company Locations

The corporate headquarters for North American Health Insurance Company is located at:

1601 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

There are many different phone numbers associated with contacting the North American Health Insurance Company, also known as Cigna. A complete listing is available on the Cigna Website.

Cigna also breaks down their contact information by division; first by members and prospective members, second by employers, third by health care professionals and finally by brokers. Each of these individuals has a separate way to contact Cigna to get more information about their policy or get any other question answered.

The main toll-free telephone numbers that both Cigna customers and potential customers can use to contact the company is 1-800-244-6224. This phone number is staffed by a live customer service representative 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

North American Health Insurance Company Products

The North American Health Insurance Company offers many different insurance products, including several health insurance plans.

Cigna, as an insurance company, offers individual and family health insurance plans, including a Medicare plan, and offers businesses different group health plans to give to their employees.

Cigna also has several levels of insurance coverage for their Medicare members, including a supplementary plan.

In addition, Cigna offers customers’ dental plans, vision plans, as well as disability insurance and both term and universal life insurance.

The individual and family plans are ideal for an individual who is between jobs, someone who is self-employed, or a recent college graduate who is no longer covered by their parents’ health insurance plan. The Connecticut General Life Insurance Company insures this coverage.

The Medicare plans also offer a separate prescription coverage program. The program offered by Cigna includes a no co-pay options and allows customers to get coverage on 95% of all generic medications.

The group coverage is available to businesses that have between 51 and 250 employees, and gives corporations both the health insurance coverage for their employees as well as the administrative assistance that is often required by small businesses.

North American Health Insurance Company Quotes

Individuals and businesses that are interested in getting a health insurance quote from Cigna can do so by one of several ways. First off, customers can go online and request a quote through the Cigna website. Secondly, prospective customers can call the toll free phone number and speak to a live customer service representative.

Finally, Cigna offers a large number of agents throughout the United States and prospective customers can contact an agent near their home or place of work. The Cigna website has an online search tool to find the agent closest to them.

Perhaps most importantly, if the quote is done online or over the phone, it can be saved and either their brought back up at a different time to either finish, change or cancel.

Cigna also offers an umbrella policy, where different coverages are added together in a bundle to create a larger overall coverage product at a substantial savings.

North American Insurance Company Reviews

The North American Insurance Company, as Cigna, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and has a rating of A (Excellent) from the A.M. Best Company.

North American Insurance Company Careers

The Cigna website has a direct link to the different career opportunities available within the company. Prospective employees can search for a position online, complete an online profile, and in turn apply for positions they are interested in.

Cigna offers many different career programs in addition to jobs – there are internships as well as recent college graduate programs.

There is limited information about the types of benefits available to employees, but any full time employee would receive health insurance, retirement plan options, and vacation and paid time off programs.

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