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Nippon Health Insurance Company of America

This review is for the Nippon Health Insurance Company of America. The health insurance products are offered as a part of the main corporate company, Nippon Life Benefits. Founded in the 1990s, Nippon Life Benefits offers a wide variety of products to customers in the United States, Japan, and Korea.

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Nippon Life Benefits has more than $400 billion in total assets, more than 10 million total customers worldwide including more than 200,000 corporate and business customers. Nippon Life Benefits is the United States subsidiary of Japan’s Nippon Life Insurance Company.

Nippon Life Benefits prides itself on meeting the diverse needs of all their customers, and offered many products to both individuals and business, including a wide array of employee benefits programs.

However, Nippon Life Benefits does not offer health insurance to individual customers. Individuals can obtain health insurance through Nippon if the company they work for offers Nippon products.

Individuals looking to obtain health and dental insurance without going through an employer must contact another insurance carrier.

Nippon Health Insurance Company of America Locations

The corporate office of Nippon Life Benefits is located in New York City at:

21 Fifth Avenue, Fifth Floor
New York, New York
Phone number: 1-877-252-7174

Nippon Life Benefits also has several regional offices all over the United States.

  • The Eastern Region office covers New York and New Jersey
  • Southeastern Region Office handles customers in Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia
  • Central Region office is located in Chicago and takes care of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan
  • Western Region office is located in California and is responsible for customers in both Texas and California

Nippon Health Insurance Company of America Products

Nippon Life Benefits offers several different insurance products, including life, dental, vision, prescription, and wellness programs. Nippon Life Benefits has many health insurance products.

There are five different health insurance products offered to employers by Nippon Life Benefits:

  • The first is FlexChoice, a program that offers customers many different options regarding co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance.
  • The Enhanced Value Plan offered by Nippon is best for customers who are looking to receive quality health insurance benefits at more affordable rates and co-pays.
  • Nippon Life Benefits has a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that gives customers both a convenient plan that is extremely cost effective. The PPO plans are available either with a co-pay or without a co-pay, depending on individual needs.
  • The High Deductible and Health Savings Account (HSA) plan offered by Nippon Health Plan specializes in preventative care and is designed to be very affordable. The HSA gives employees to additional ability to save money tax-free and withdraw at any time to help pay medical expenses. The other benefit of HSAs is that employees can rollover their account if they leave their place of employment.
  • The final health insurance product offered by Nippon Life Benefits is the Flexible Spending Account, also known as the FSA. The FSA allows employee to maintain control with their health care expenses. Employees can set money aside each month tax-free to help pay off dependent or medical care expenses.

Nippon Health Insurance Company of America Reviews

The A.M. Best Company rates the Nippon Life Benefits Company A+ (Superior), which is the highest rating that a company can receive.

Although Nippon Health Benefits has not received an accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Nippon has earned an A- rating. The BBB has not received any complaints about Nippon Life Benefits over the last 36 months.

There are no individual reviews for Nippon Life Benefits online, most likely, because individuals can only get Nippon insurance through their employer.

Nippon Health Insurance Company of America Careers

Nippon Life Benefits has a dedicated webpage for individuals interested with a career with the company. The site has information on employee benefits, the importance of creating an atmosphere that fosters a work-life balance, and a listing of current open positions. Benefits include:

  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Life insurance plans
  • Wellness programs
  • Various retirement plans

In addition, Nippon offers other family-focused benefits such as:

  • Paid time off
  • Vacation time
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Tuition reimbursement

When an open position is listed, interested applicants can apply directly online. When no positions are open, applicants can email directly to [email protected] to express their interest should a position become available.

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5 Comments to “Nippon Health Insurance Company of America”

  1. John says:

    “This insurance company is absolutely the worst insurance company I have ever had.

    I have used Markel and Blue Cross Blue Shield in the past and out of the 3 this is the worst. Everything you do they always try to get out of payment by saying you had a pre-existing condition. Even for a clinic visit for the FLU!! This is how cheap this insurance is.

    Save your money and hassle and get something else!”

  2. Andrew says:

    “Horrible company – they initially tried to get out of payment via a pre-existing condition which failed as I did not have a break in coverage. They denied my last claim of a treatment I have been receiving for over 2 years but have declined to tell me why.

    I am on the phone with them almost every second day trying to chase them down and so far, nothing. Will be changing my job as a result of these clowns as I would never rely on them to take care of me if I ever became really sick.

    Horrible company – stay clear.”

  3. Muhammad Naveed says:

    “Stay away people. This is the worst health care insurance ever. I have used Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Health Care but this is the worst I have ever seen or heard.

    They will cover nothing for you, first putting everything in deductible and then start charging you 20% until you reach your out of pocket limit. They are very slow in processing as well, don’t have a website where doctors can verify the info. Worst Worst Worst.”

  4. steve says:


    take your Money and run. the only reason I give them one star because I have to stay away they need go back to Japan”

  5. Dray C. says:

    Incredibly frustrating experience with this company right from the get go!!! Child needs to see a specialist. Given every possible excuse as to why they may reject the claim after receiving treatment… even with in-network hospital referral coming from our in-network pediatrician. Told that claim will not be covered because Rady’s Hospital new building offices address at 3030 Children’s Way and does not match exact in-network address of Rady’s Hospital located at 3020 Children’s Way so they will reject claim (mind you the Rady’s had to expand and the new wing is attached via a bridge walkway to hospital). For our plan, Nippon bases their approval off Aetna Signature Administrator,s general customer website to confirm in-network status. However, this source is not presently up to date. I called Aetna Signature Administrators directly and they said that the 3030 Children’s Way address is indeed in network!!! However, Nippon Life Insurance is apparently not eager to service their members & will not confirm this information on our behalf. They prefer to base their claim info on out-of-date demographics on a general website & not directly with Aetna. In addition, I was informed another grounds for rejecting the future claim is because our child is scheduled to be seen by a Rady’s physicians assistant within the department and then signed off by an in-network attending (liable for confirming diagnosis & for anticipated surgical referral). But the physician’s assistant is not showing as in-network on the outdated source, so Nippon stated they will not be liable for the claim if the PA’s tax ID/name is anywhere on the bill even if the main diagnosis & referral comes from the in-network attending. Meanwhile, our child is sick and if we wait for another specialist to become available (avoiding any contact with a PA), the next available appointment is in May (3 months wait)! We have EPO Plan 4 and claims deemed out-of-network subject members to an outrageous $20,000 deductible! So I have been forced to cancel the appointment (set two days from now), for fear that our post treatment claims will be rejected. These excuses are absolutely absurd and ridiculous! It would seem this is a tactic to avoid paying legitimate claims. Even a Rady,s billing representative stared “it seems like your carrier doesn’t want us to treat you child. I spoke to my supervisor and we have never encountered anything like this”. Our doctor’s office confirmed we were “good to go”, along with the hospital. But given the unfamiliarity with 3rd party insurance, I tripled checked and my apprehension surrounding Nippon was confirmed. How is this company in business? What value are they offering their clientele? How many other folks failed to make eight phone calls (to hear the song and dance) and were utterly screwed when their bill arrived? And if you expect a courteous customer service advocate at Nippon, don’t hold your breath. The gal who fielded my call was kurt and very very unhelpful.


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