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NAU Country Health Insurance Company

This NAU Country Health Insurance Company Review will discuss the NAU Country Insurance Company, which is based out of Ramsey, Minnesota. It is a part of QBE Americas Group, which is in the top 25 reinsurers and insurers in the world. NAU Country is a company that strives to improve the financial security of the farming community in the nation. Unfortunately, NAU Country does not offer health insurance.

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NAU Country Location

NAU Country is headquartered out of Minnesota. The address is

7333 Sunwood Dr.
Ramsey, MN, 55303- 5119

Telephone number: 763-427-3770
Fax number is 763-427-6473

NAU Country Crop Insurance

The agricultural business is a difficult one. Acts of nature can destroy crops and lead to financial devastation. These acts of nature may include fire, flood, or hail. Crop insurance will provide payouts for those farmers who experience financial harm from natural causes.

For those rural farmers who may need help, the U. S. government has a variety of programs available to help subsidize their policies. One of the reasons the government wants to support the programs for crop insurance is because the demand for their agricultural products require that there is a financial safety net. Loans are often taken out by farmers to help finance their crops and insurance helps prevent loan defaults.

There are two different types of crop insurance products. One is a crop-hail policy, which is beneficial in certain geographical regions. The other type is multiple-peril. This policy needs to be purchased before the crops are planted and it covers drought, flooding, freezing, and plant disease.

In the unfortunate event that their crops are damaged, the farmer can file a claim with their insurance company. The file will be processed and then the farmer will receive compensation for his or her damages.

NAU Country Errors & Omissions Insurance

One of the insurance programs that NAU Country offers its customers is Errors & Omissions, also known as E & O. Errors & Omissions insurance is written for NAU Country by CalSurance, which is one of the leaders in insurance service, sales, and support for professional liability.

Errors & Omissions insurance is for individuals and businesses in order to protect them from lawsuits and claims. These lawsuits may be for failure to finish contracted work or from mistakes performed while doing business.

Errors & Omissions insurance for businesses usually covers all of the employees of a particular company, both independent contractors and salaried employees. Errors & Omissions insurance for professionals covers mistakes that are made by lawyers, doctors, insurance agents, and other self- employed professionals.

When you apply for Errors & Omissions insurance, you sometimes will need to give your underwriter training manuals, contracts, quality-control documentation, and other paperwork to demonstrate how your company conducts business. In addition, if you have any past claims, you will need to explain those.

To speak with a CalSurance representative about obtaining Errors & Omissions insurance you can call them toll free at 800-745-7189. You can also fill out an application online.

NAU Country Insurance Fraud Reporting

One of the ways to keep the cost of crop insurance low is to prevent any abuse or fraudulent claim reporting in the crop insurance program. NAU Country is serious about keeping the program free from any fraudulent activity or waste.

Any abuse, waste, or fraud suspicion is handled through the United States Department of Agriculture. If you suspect any suspicious reporting or activity, you can call their hot line toll free at 1-800-424-9121. You can also email or write a letter. Always include as much detail and information as possible. You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

NAU Country Careers

If you are looking for a career in the insurance industry, NAU Country may be a good choice for you. The company prefers a professional who has crop insurance industry experience. NAU Country offers competitive salaries and a competitive benefits package for those who become a team member.

You can see available career opportunities with NAU Country online. If you would like to apply, upload your resume onto the website for NAU Country and you can save it to keep it on record for any future openings.

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