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National Union Fire Health Insurance Company of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

This review of the National Union Fire Health Insurance Company of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania will talk about the company that is based out of New York City. It is a part of American International Group and Chartis Insurance Group. It does offer health and accident insurance for businesses as well as for individuals.

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National Union Fire Insurance Company Locations

As a member of Chartis Insurance, the National Union Fire Insurance Company is headquartered in New York City. The address is:

175 Water Street, 18th floor
New York, NY, 10038

Although Chartis is based out of the United States, it has offices around the world. Chartis Insurance has been in Japan for over half of a century and has 121 sales offices nationwide. It has offices throughout:

  • Europe (major offices in Sweden and the Czech Republic)
  • South America (major office in Chile)
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Central America

National Union Fire Insurance Company Telephone Numbers

  • Main phone number: 212-770-7000
  • Toll free phone number: 877-867-3783
  • Toll free number for personal and commercial claims with Chartis: 877-399-6442
  • Toll free Private Client Group members: 888-760-9195

National Union Fire Insurance Company Awards and Recognitions

Having been around for over 60 years, Chartis Insurance has received much recognition in regards to what they have contributed to the insurance industry.

In 2009, National Underwriter recognized Chartis Insurance as the Best insurer overall in the US and the best insurer for business property insurance. They also have been recognized by readers of Euromoney as the best insurance company globally.

Chartis received an award for Best product range in Sweden in the year 2009. They were also the first company to introduce specialty products in the Czech Republic such as crime insurance, crisis management, and D&O insurance.

In customer surveys, 70% of those surveyed gave Chartis a rating of 10 on a scale of 1-10 in regards to claims processing.

National Union Fire Insurance Company Commercial Products

Chartis Insurance offers insurance services and products to businesses of all sizes, from mid- sized, multinational, and large companies to non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

The products offered include:

  • Alternative finance and risk
  • Aviation
  • Health and accident
  • Casualty
  • Environmental
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • Professional and management liability
  • Multinational companies
  • Property
  • Workers compensation

National Union Fire Insurance Company Health Insurance

Through Chartis Insurance, National Union is able to offer health and accident insurance to businesses. The benefits vary depending on location, but in the United States, these include products for specialty risk insurance, occupational accident insurance, and employee benefit insurance.

For employee benefit insurance, Chartis offers a number of different products that employers can offer their staff. Options include:

  • Ambassador business travel accident
  • Basic dismemberment & accidental death
  • Flex shield
  • Critical illness
  • Employer stop loss
  • Comprehensive transplant insurance
  • Vision care insurance
  • Voluntary personal accident/AD & D insurance

Chartis also offers customized accident insurance for members or participants of organizations who are taking part in activities that are either unique high-risk or everyday low-risk. These products include:

  • Special risk insurance
  • Occupational accident
  • Camp accident
  • International travel accident
  • Hotel guest accident
  • Volunteer accident insurance

National Union Fire Insurance Company Individual Products

Through Chartis Insurance Company, National Union Fire is able to offer personal insurance to students, individuals, and families around the world. All their services and products can be customized to meet the needs of their customers.

For individual insurance, Chartis offers:

  • Auto
  • Health and accident
  • Property and home
  • Travel
  • Private client group

Not all individual products are available in all locations. For example, auto, health, and accident insurance are not available for purchase in the United States. Check on the website to see which locations have the different products available.

National Union Fire Insurance Company Careers

If you would like a career in insurance National Union’s parent company, Chartis, has a wide variety of opportunities available throughout the world. Look on their website to see what opportunities are available. Some of the careers available are:

  • Claims adjusters
  • Underwriters
  • Engineers
  • Marketers
  • Finance professionals
  • Customer service reps

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Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

or call (833) 823-3343 for free quotes

6 reviews

  • Billy K. Doty /
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    Travel Guard Policy # 910731215, Booking # TKDKTO, International Air Ticket Program 008786 P1 4/2011, purchased through ITN(International Travel Network). Unable to make return flight from Philippines due to severe back pain. Insurance was to provide medical assistance and cover the return trip in situations like this.

    Have been in contact with ITN but they don’t want to help and I don’t know who else to contact or how. I’m stranded in the Philippines and your policy I purchased is worthless because it isn’t doing what I paid for it to do.

  • Billy K. Doty /
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    One star is the lowest rating above when actually my opinion of your company and services at this time would be ZERO. Anytime a company doesn’t stand behind their policy than they are not worth a d***.

  • Lois Nelson /
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    I was sucked into agreeing for a month free “hospital” insurance for any emergency visit for an accident. I have been paying $5.99 per month for 10 years. About 3 yrs ago, I asked to have information on the insurance sent to me or I would cancel it. I never received it.

    Now when I need to use it, they claim that it was only in my name and not my husband’s name. I wouldn’t have taken it out on just myself. I had called and told them I needed to make a claim for my husband and they sent me a form. The form is very detailed and needs a doctor’s signature and multiple codes and numbers on it. When I asked to speak with the supervisor, there was none. When I asked for a number to the actual company, there was none.

    They just gave me an address and I have yet to find a website for it. I have asked for another policy to be sent (on Feb. 7, 2012) and have yet to receive it. (today is Feb. 19).I am not finished with them yet.

  • chloe spoodle /
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    I signed up for a free one-year policy with nat union fire health, accident and disability insurance, but they refused to pay a claim of accidental death. worthless and corrupt but will take your money after the first “free” year.

    Globe life insurance is just as corrupt and bad, they have the law totally on their side as will never pay if the policy is less than 2 yrs old, and they don’t have to under the law.


  • Sheryl Rufo /
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111


    I do not know how you stay in business except maybe because you are a part of AIG & everyone knows AIG’s hands are very deep in the Governments pockets. Well, that is most likely the case. So I’m going to send a copy of this to all the major news networks & hopefully one of them will have enough guts to investigate & put you in the public spotlight.

    Maybe when people see just how crooked you are, they won’t buy your “insurance” & just possibly that will put a stop to your rip-off company.

  • P. Huntet /
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    I have only had very a very good experience with the Company. If you follow the rules, fill out the forms, get proper paperwork, etc. they will honor exactly what you pay for. I have never had a problem… they stood behind their policy every time.

    I wish I could purchase more policies!

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