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National Foundation Health Insurance Company Review

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

National Foundation Life Insurance Company is a Texas-based insurance company whose primary business is to underwrite health policies offered by U.S. Health Group. According to official records from the state of Texas, the company also services some life and auto policies as well. However, they do not maintain their own web presence or sell policies under their own name. It is possible that they underwrite their life and auto policies for other nationally known carriers.

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U.S. Health Group has been in the health insurance business for over 50 years. They are a subsidiary of Credit Suisse, one of the largest insurance entities in the world. The group provides health insurance coverage to members in all 50 states – to the tune of 15 million customers. To date they have paid out more than $1 billion in total claims. Overall the company enjoys a great reputation within the industry despite the checkered past of National Foundation Life.

National Foundation Life Insurance Company Past History

National Foundation Life Insurance Company was originally domiciled in Oklahoma before going to Delaware and eventually Texas. During the early 1990s, their license to do business in Tennessee was temporarily suspended due to some allegations of improper business activities. The company has also been the subject of considerable litigation surrounding breach of contract issues. One of the more serious cases is a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of policyholders in the state of Indiana.

That lawsuit, filed in 2003, alleges that National Foundation Life Insurance Company is in violation of state law due to its policy of covering preexisting conditions. The lawsuit contends a breach of contract and demands remedial action be taken by the company. We were unable to discover whether there has been a resolution to the case. Nonetheless, the company’s legal troubles are not necessarily a reflection on U.S. Health Group.

National Foundation Life Insurance Company Quotes

Consumers interested in getting a quote from National Foundation Life Insurance Company can do so by visiting the U.S. Health Group website. Unfortunately, what appears to be an automated quote tool provided on the website merely directs users to a local agent. Consumers would then contact that agent for the desired quote. We entered the zip code of a typical a midsized American city and were presented with only one agent within 20 miles. That’s not to say more agents don’t exist, just not in that particular city.

Becoming a certified U.S. Health Group agent involves contacting the company at the corporate headquarters and speaking with the proper department. For your convenience, we have included the contact information for the Texas headquarters below:

National Foundation Life Insurance Company
801 Cherry Street Unit 33
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: (817) 878-3300

National Foundation Life Insurance Company Products

What makes this company unusual is that they specialize in health insurance products for individuals who are self-employed, along with their family members and beneficiaries. Specializing in these types of people is a very profitable niche in the American insurance industry because most insurance companies do not want to deal with self-employed individuals. To that end, National Foundation provides a vital service to sole proprietorships and other small companies around the country.

The company’s product list includes:

  • Individual and family major medical
  • PPO network programs
  • Fixed indemnity
  • Supplemental critical care coverage

They also offer several different types of life insurance products. Complete information on all of their policies is available through the corporate website. It’s not clear how the company decides which underwriter to use; we assume it’s done according to which states the customer lives in.

National Foundation Life Insurance Company Customer Service

Although we cannot speak specifically to the customer service offered by National Foundation Life Insurance Company, we can say that U.S. Health Group does appear to put considerable effort into theirs. Most notable is their online platform, which allows both customers and agents to log into separate portions of the portal. From the customer portal, policyholders can make payments, modify existing policies, manage their account information, and more.

The company also provides a 24-hour, toll-free phone number dedicated to customer service. You may call this number to make a claim, ask questions regarding your policy and coverage, and so forth. You should be able to find the phone number listed on your policy documents. If not, it is on the U.S. Health Group website.

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