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National Farmers Union Health Insurance Company

National Farmers Union Life Insurance Company is the subject of this health insurance review. The company is a subsidiary of a nationally known agricultural lobbying and support organization known as National Farmers Union. This organization represents farmers and ranchers in all 50 states. Organizationally, it is divided into 32 state and two regional offices. Each state office operates independently in terms of day-to-day operations but remains under the umbrella of the national organization.

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National Farmers Union is a Point, Texas organization originally founded in 1902. Their original mission was to assist family-owned farms with profitability issues. They were fighting against larger farm monopolies that were beginning to threaten smaller family-owned operations. The organization has grown and expanded to be one of the most powerful pro-farmer organizations in the country. It accomplishes its mission through grassroots efforts by its members and employees.

National Farmers offers its members a list of benefits that include various insurance products, discounts on hotels and travel, and local and national newsletters to keep members informed of what’s happening. Their insurance products are not uniform across the states due to varying regulations.

National Farmers Union Insurance Products

The insurance products offered by National Farmers come by way of its subsidiary, National Farmers Union Life Insurance Company. In terms of medical insurance, the organization offers dental and vision coverage, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and some additional policies that differ from one state to the next. Their dental and vision coverage is organized under a preferred provider network (PPN) model. When members utilize services they do so by visiting a facility that is part of the network. In exchange, they get the best rates possible.

The group’s accidental death and dismemberment policy is similar to policies offered by other insurance companies. A policy of this type pays a benefit to an individual who has been accidentally dismembered through a work-related accident. It also provides a death benefit to a policyholder’s estate or beneficiary upon his passing.

National Farmers Union Agents

Because National Farmers Union is a nonprofit support and lobbying organization for farmers, rather than a business, they do not use local agents to sell and service their policies. Those functions are performed at one of the 32 state or two regional offices around the country. To access the organization’s health insurance coverage, members would simply get in contact with the state office located nearest them. You also must be a member of National Farmers Union in order two avail yourself of the insurance.

National Farmers Union Locations

The organization is heavily involved in lobbying the Federal government on behalf of farmers. Therefore, it is reasonable that their headquarters be located in Washington, DC. The address and telephone number of those headquarters is as follows:

National Farmers Union
20 F Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 554-1600

Even though National Farmers Union represents farmers in all 50 states, not all states have their own organizational office. Members in those states receive services through either the national office or the state office nearest to them. To find a listing of state offices along with addresses and telephone numbers, one need only visit the organization’s website and click the appropriate links. The website provides an interactive map, which allows you to hover over a specific state for information about that office.

National Farmers Union Customer Service

Discussing the customer service of an organization like National Farmers Union can be a bit ambiguous. That’s because such lobbying organizations are usually only joined by those of a similar mindset. Customer service, therefore, is not the primary objective. That said, the dental and vision insurance coverage provided by the group seems to be well received among members. There are no glaring reports of poor service, denied claims, and so forth.

On a grander scale, if customer service can be measured by the amount of information and programs offered by a group, National Farmers Union would be doing an outstanding job. The organization keeps members fully informed of all ongoing legislative efforts. They also have regular activities in the states where they have offices. These activities are designed to keep members informed while also building relationships within the various state groups.

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