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National Farm Health Insurance Company

National Farm Life Insurance Company was founded in 1946 as a means of providing old-line insurance products to farmers and ranchers in Texas. The company’s founder, Mr. William C. Young, established the company after serving in WWII. After being scanned by insurance companies himself, Mr. Young determined that his new company would provide insurance combined with the highest order of integrity. Since then the company has expanded to include people from all occupations.

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One of the more unusual aspects of National Farm Life Insurance Company’s business is the fact that Mr. Young decided to limit the profit of individual shareholders to no more than 10% of the original sales price. That allowed him to give an incentive to investors while at the same time returning the rest of the profits to policyholders through bonuses to their whole life policies. Mr. Young’s decision to focus on policyholders rather than shareholders has played a significant role in the company’s success.

National Farm Life Insurance Company Health Insurance

Unfortunately, National Farm Life Insurance Company does not sell health insurance of any kind. Instead, this company focuses on whole life, term life, annuities, and mortgage lending. It would seem as though mortgage lending is out of place with this company, but they somehow make it work. If you’re in need of health insurance in the state of Texas, you’ll have to explore other options. However, National Farm would probably be more than happy to assist you with a life insurance policy.

National Farm Life Insurance Company Claims

As with most life insurance companies, claims against a National Farm policy is made by contacting the company directly. They operate a 24-hour customer service call center ready to assist customers at any time of the day. They also make service available through e-mail. Telephone and e-mail information is readily available on the company website or printed on your policy documents. A third option for filing a claim would be to contact a local agent who might have sold you the policy to begin with.

National Farm Life Insurance Company Agents

National Farm has a working relationship with insurance agents all across the state of Texas. On their corporate website, they provide a link to find a local agent in your area. However, rather than offering an automated tool to help you locate an agent online, you are requested to call their corporate headquarters or one of their regional representatives who can then direct you to a local agent. While the company is located in Ft Worth, Texas, their regional offices are scattered throughout the state.

If National Farm is like other similar Life Insurance companies, they most likely work with agents employed by dedicated insurance agencies and financial representatives working in banks and credit unions. Either way, a local agent is equipped to offer you multiple policies from which to choose. He is also able to provide a more personalized service that is possible at the corporate level. If you need to contact National Farm at their corporate offices, the information is listed below:

6001 Bridge Street
Fort Worth, TX 76112
(800) 757-5440

National Farm Life Insurance Company Customer Service

Just about every insurance company under the sun claims to have exceptional customer service. With National Family, this appears to be more than merely a marketing slogan. We say that because it appears as though the company discourages online transactions. They would prefer you call and speak to a representative who can make sure your needs are met. Hopefully, the same can be said about the company’s independent agents.

While we didn’t find a long list of positive reviews for this company online, we also could not find any negative reviews. This is important to take note of because unhappy customers are much more likely to write a review than happy ones. The fact that we did find negative reviews suggests National Family is keeping their customers happy.

National Farm Life Insurance Company Financial Ratings

A.M. Best, one of the leading financial ratings agencies in the world, gives National Farm a “B++” rating. Although not as good as it could be, don’t let the lower rating scare you. It is not uncommon for smaller insurance companies to receive such ratings do to their size and capitalization. The fact that National Farm limits the return it pays to shareholders also plays into the equation. Nonetheless, National Family is financially solvent and doing just fine.

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