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Moslah Benefit Fund Health Insurance Company

The Moslah Benefit Fund was a not-for-profit company formed in the early 1950s designed to serve Moslah Shrine members in the six or seven counties surrounding Ft. Worth, Texas. It was a fraternal insurance company whose main purpose was to offer low-cost group life and health insurance benefit programs to its general membership. Representatives of the parent organization, the Moslah Shrine in Ft. Worth, Texas, confirmed that the Moslah Benefit Fund has recently been disbanded. Over the last few months, the remaining policyholders were justly compensated and the company has been dissolved. If you have questions or require further information about the now defunct Moslah Benefit Fund, you may call the Moslah Shrine directly; toll free at 817-335-9469

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At one time in US history, fraternal organizations like the Shriners and the Masons (or Freemasons), or lodges like the Moose, Elks and Knights of Pithias grew and prospered across our nation. While the membership benefits, rights, and programs varied from group to group, a common thread, which bonded them together, was their devotion to community service. The Shriners, a sub group of the Freemasons still sponsor children’s hospitals with their fund-raising circus among other philanthropic activities. The Moose Lodge supports children and teen projects worldwide and the Elks National Foundation has contributed more than $250 million to charitable projects nationwide since its founding in 1928.

While many of these organizations are still in existence today, there has been an ongoing reduction in membership as the average age of group members increases. As older members drop out, retire or pass away, fewer and fewer younger men and women are willing or able to make the time or financial commitments that memberships in these organizations require. Insurance and other benefit programs, once sought after by group members are plentiful and readily available through other sources as evidenced by the dissolution of the Moslah Benefit Fund.

However, not all the news is bad. In many areas of the United States, there is growing interest in service organizations and some groups are seeing a resurgence of their membership numbers. The Moslah Shrine, www.moslahshrine.org in Ft. Worth is a good example of this renewed spirit of service and giving. The Moslah Shrine now boasts more than 3,600 active members. It is the third largest center Texas supporting children’s hospitals and research centers throughout northeastern Texas.

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