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Monitor Health Insurance Company of New York

Monitor Life Insurance Company of New York was formed in the late 1970’s by the Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company of Utica, NY. The main focus of Monitor Life is to offer new life insurance products to Commercial Travelers’ broad base of customers in the United States.


Monitor Life can be reached directly by mail or telephone:


Monitor Life Insurance Co
70 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13502


Corporate offices for Commercial Travelers are located in Utica, NY at the following address:

Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company
70 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13502

Fax 315-733-9614

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Commercial Travelers History

Commercial Travelers, the first insurance company of its kind in the United States, began in 1883. The founder was Edward Trevvett, a purveyor of tea from Great Britain. The company’s main purpose was to provide coverage for traveling salespersons, known in that era as “commercial travelers.” Overland travel in the nineteenth century was a risky business and salesmen were hard pressed to find companies willing to offer them protection against the hazards and of their profession.

By the 1930s, Commercial Travelers served the needs of more than 200,000 policyholders. Its members, or their designees, received benefits as a result of many world famous travel accidents including the Titanic, the Hindenburg and the Lusitania to name a few. However, as often as Commercial Travelers’ clients may have been involved in headline producing tragedies, the company paid out far more benefits to its general membership through every day mishaps, which often occurred at home.

Today, Commercial Travelers has shifted its focus from disability protection and income continuation for outside salespersons to hospitalization coverage for the public at large. They have become specialists in providing coverage for students. Through the Monitor Life Insurance subsidiary, Commercial Travelers offers special disability and life programs for individuals and small businesses.

Commercial Travelers is licensed in the District of Columbia, six Canadian provinces and all the United States except Hawaii.

Group Life and Disability Plans

Group life and disability programs are handled by a separate Commercial Travelers division known as CTGroup. They can be reached directly by calling 800-803-8585. This group offers regular and short-term life products as well as shorter and longer-term disability coverage. There are discounts available for small businesses. Disability plans are underwritten through Commercial Travelers while life programs are underwritten by the Monitor Life subsidiary. Agents may request quotes on line for small business clients in their area.

Insurances for Students in Grade School

Commercial Travelers offer a wide variety of insurance options to parents with children in grades kindergarten through twelve. These programs include:

  • Plans covering up to $25,000 of related medical expenses involving accidents that happen in school
  • Plans that offer coverage for accidents that occur 24 hours a day throughout the year whether in school or not
  • Plans that cover outside school trips and other travel activities

Commercial Travelers is also one of only a few companies that offers insurance coverage for work programs arranged through a student’s school

While most school sports are covered in the above programs, football is not. However, coverage may be purchased separately if a student is involved in a football program at his or her school.

The Commercial Travelers’ website offers a special portal for students in grades kindergarten through twelve. This portal will grant access to those who have been given a code by their local schools. They may then download a brochure and apply for coverage on line.

Special Risk Programs

Commercial Travelers provides standard coverage for many special risk situations and events including:

  • Team insurance covers all participants including players, coaches and other supervisory personnel during practices and games, home or away
  • Martial arts protection covers training, practices, and tournaments for enrolled members whether professional or amateur
  • Sport, recreational type camps, or conference events may be covered during their daytime operations or 24 hours a day. Coverage extends to travel to and from the camp or event.
  • Youth groups and adult clubs and organizations may obtain coverage for their members and other participants at sponsored events and activities.

Preschool insurance coverage

  • Special training situations that covers insured participants in vocational programs, handicapped individuals and programs that provide for rehabilitation.
  • One-time group special event coverage includes community sponsored fairs, festivals, art shows, competitions, or parades.
  • Group travel insurance coverage

Rate Quotes and Other Information

The Commercial Travelers website features a convenient multi-purpose inquiry form

www.commercialtravelers.com/inquiry_form.html. Information about all of their programs is available in this manner. You may also contact Commercial Traveler by phone, 800-422-6200, or by e-mail.


There is no information available on line about career opportunities with Commercial Travelers.

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