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Monarch Health Insurance Company

The Monarch Life Insurance Company of Springfield, Massachusetts ceased selling new policies in 1993. However, according to a company representative, they still service their own and several other blocks of existing policies. The types of outstanding policies include variable life, annuity, and disability income programs. They are a private company, without a website, and can be reached at the following location:

1 Monarch Pl
Ste 900
Springfield, MA 01144
(413) 784-2000

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There are also a number of health-related companies that use the name “monarch.” A handful of cities and towns in the US also feature the monarch name. If you happen to be in Columbus, Ohio, you may want to look up Monarch Health. It is a very highly rated family medicine and cosmetic therapy center. You can find them at http://www.monarch-health.com. There are, of course, a number of health insurance agents located in the city of Monarch, Colorado and competitive health insurance plans are also readily available in Monarch, Montana.

Monarch Healthcare, a medical group in Irvine, California, is the largest medical practice in Orange County. Their web address is: www.monarchhealthcare.com Monarch Healthcare services the needs of more than 175,000 people in Southern California and boasts more than 2,600 physician members. For more information on joining this group, you can call them toll free at 888-767-2222 or fill out an information request form on-line at:


Monarch Healthcare’s website also provides useful articles about health related topics. Monarch accepts a wide variety of health insurance plans. They were recently selected, along with Anthem Blue Cross, to participate in a national program, rewarding health care practices that improved patient results while keeping costs in check.

Monarch Healthcare sponsors community meetings specifically designed to keep seniors better informed about their health care options. The ability to offer better and more affordable senior care prompted Monarch Healthcare to form their Monarch Health Plan subsidiary. This plan takes full responsibility for the medical care and treatment of its members including:

  • Outpatient care
  • Hospital services
  • Necessary medical equipment
  • In-home treatment

Monarch Healthcare Careers

Monarch Healthcare stands out as a very competitive employer in Southern California. They offer top salaries and generous benefit and retirement programs. Current corporate openings are posted on their website at: http://jobs.monarchhealthcare.com.

Monarch Healthcare’s complete address is:

Monarch HealthCare
7 Technology Drive
Irvine, California  92618

For general questions, address your inquiry to “customer service”.

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