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Modern Woodmen of America Health Insurance Company

Modern Woodmen was founded in 1883 in Lyons, Iowa and maintains corporate offices in Rock Island, Illinois. Modern Woodmen is dedicated to improving the quality of its members’ lives. Today, the parent company, Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial, helps satisfy the insurance needs of more than 750,000 members. It began as a fraternal organization and has a long tradition of beneficial community involvement.

The founder, Joseph C Root, took the Woodmen name from a church parable, which bestows the virtues of woodmen that clear forestlands to make way for homes, thereby providing safety and security for families and their communities. In 1909, Modern Woodmen established a tuberculosis sanatorium that provided free care to thousands of its members during the next four decades. In the 21st century, Modern Woodmen continues to offer an array of fraternal health benefits including:

  • Radon and CO2 detection and test kits
  • Kits for screening diabetes and colorectal cancer
  • Free memberships in medical and child alert programs
  • Discount cards for prescription medicines

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General benefits for home safety and family well-being include:

  • Benefit acceleration
  • Child identification kits
  • College scholarships
  • Premium assistance for disaster victims
  • Programs to assist families dealing with the loss of a child or another family member

There are also programs designed to help older students return to school as well as special benefits for orphans. Modern Woodmen publishes a quarterly resource magazine to assist its members in making sound financial decisions.

As a fraternal society, Modern Woodmen provides benefits that go well beyond insurances and financial services, and one of the society’s foremost goals is to help its members in their times of need. Modern Woodmen accomplishes this by organizing its membership into local chapters. The chapters provide many opportunities for members to take part in community service activities. Examples of the many sponsored programs include:

  • Social events
  • Community recognition
  • Educational programs
  • Volunteer projects

Operation Purple is a recent Modern Woodmen program, which raises monies to help send children of military families to camp in more than 70 communities across the US. Other benefits of membership include service clubs and educational programs developed specifically for children.

You can become a member of Modern Woodmen by calling their toll free service line, 800-447-9811. Or you can speak directly with a local representative by using the handy locator:


Modern Woodmen is licensed to sell insurance throughout the continental United States. Contact information for the Modern Woodmen home office is as follows:

Modern Woodmen of America
1701 1st Ave
PO Box 2005
Rock Island, Illinois


Products and services

Modern Woodmen specializes in financial planning. Its website offers an array of informative resources including articles and on-line calculator tools to help each member determine his or her specific needs: www.modern-woodmen.org/FinancialPlanning/Pages/summary.aspx

Their product lines include:

  • Life insurances – permanent, term and children’s term programs
  • Annuity programs – single premium, flexible or variable
  • IRA and other retirement vehicles
  • Investment and college savings programs – 529 and Coverdell plans

MWAGIA, Inc, a Modern Woodmen of America subsidiary offers a full range of health related products. These include insurances that provide:

  • Basic health coverage for individuals and small business concerns
  • Disability coverage
  • Long-term medical coverage
  • Cancer coverage
  • Life insurance coverage for beneficiaries of estates

MWAGIA also offers Medicare supplemental programs and Medicare advantage programs as well as a general dental coverage program.

Unique services

As a fraternal society, Modern Woodmen owns and operates its own, Modern Woodmen Bank. It is, by definition, a direct bank, one of only 50 in the US. A direct bank does business primarily online or by mail or phone. This bank offers free checking services and a full range of deposit accounts. It also offers mortgages, home equity loans, and credit cards to its members. Out of almost 2500 life and property insurance carriers in this country, fewer than 40 have their own banking capabilities. These additional services help make Modern Woodmen a formidable presence in the insurance community.

Modern Woodmen Careers

Modern Woodmen is highly selective in accepting applications for agents and other positions in the company. Available positions can be found at www.mwacareers.org . Independent financial representatives are offered comprehensive benefit plans, which is unusual in the insurance industry. They are also able to earn exceptional incomes based on their own efforts. Modern Woodmen offers internship programs for insurance novitiates, leadership training, and management opportunities for experienced insurance professionals.

Customer Service

In a customer survey, over 90% of respondents said that they were very satisfied or extremely satisfied with Modern Woodmen.

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