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MML Bay State Health Insurance Company

MML Bay State Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the MassMutual Financial Group more commonly known as MassMutual www.MassMutual.com. MassMutual has a long and storied history, which began in 1851, more than 150 years ago! Today, MassMutual is one of the largest and best known insurance providers in the world. It is currently listed in 101st position on the Fortune 500 list of the largest American companies with an asset base of $448 billion and $490 billion in global insurance policies. It is considered by Fortune to be one of the nine most highly regarded life insurance groups in the world. MassMutual’s other subsidiaries include:

  • Oppenheimer Funds – a well-known mutual fund group
  • Babson Capital Management – provides domestic investment management
  • Baring Asset Management – provides for global investments
  • Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors – property management specialists

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MassMutual Ratings

MassMutual’s ratings of financial strength are amongst the highest in the industry. A.M. Best gives MassMutual a superior A++ rating. Fitch rates MassMutual as very strong, AA+, as does Standard & Poor’s, while Moody’s consistently rates MassMutual as excellent.

MassMutual’s main business lines include:

  • Life insurances
  • Disability
  • Long-term medical care
  • Annuity
  • Retirement including 401(k) type plans

The MassMutual US Insurance Group provides services to individual policyholders and their families; small, medium, and large business concerns; and business owners and corporate executives. They manage portfolios of any size, from small pension funds to large institutional endowments. Outside of the US Market, MassMutual operates successfully in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

MassMutual Products

MassMutual prides itself on providing answers for each consumer’s insurance needs:

  • Home Ownership
  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Starting a family
  • Planning for death and estate transference
  • Serious illness
  • Debilitating accidents

All of these situations and more can be resolved through MassMutual programs including:

  • Life
  • Annuities and retirement accounts including IRAs and RMAs
  • Mutual funds
  • College savings plans
  • Estate and trust service
  • Long-term medical care

Health Insurance

While MassMutual is not a specialist in health insurances, they offer comprehensive long-term care programs, which provide funds, when needed, for home health aides or in the event the policy holder enters an assisted living facility or a more traditional full care nursing facility.

Customer Service

MassMutual believes in helping its customers make good insurance decisions. In 2010, MassMutual earned the prestigious Contact Center World Silver Award judging their customer service and contact centers to be among the best in the world. MassMutual also believes in giving back to the community.

Community Service

Through their LifeBridge ™ Program, MassMutual helps more than 11,000 families each year by providing free life insurance to parents and guardians of young children. Last year MassMutual also provided donations to charities and scholarship funds totaling almost $7 million.

MassMutual Careers

There are numerous career opportunities available in the corporate offices of MassMutual as well as through hundreds of independent agencies worldwide. Complete information can be found on-line by visiting: www.massmutual/careers

The MassMutual corporate culture focuses on winning, by forging a company that believes in being the best and providing the best products and services to its ever-increasing client base.

How to win, according to MassMutual? Follow these five simple rules:

  • Customers come first
  • Be honorable in all matters
  • Value others
  • Be a team
  • Be goal oriented

Current corporate job listings and application information can also be found at the above webpage.

Planning tools

A unique feature of the MassMutual website is an entire section devoted to providing their customers with the latest industry research, analyses, news articles, and other educational information. This was designed to help MassMutual clients make more informed decisions about their policy needs. Income tax information is also available as well as a series of financial calculators allowing consumers to calculate rates and determine desired outcomes for different policy types.

Currently, MassMutual has almost 10,000 employees spanning the globe. Corporate headquarters are located in Springfield, Massachusetts:

The MassMutual Financial Group
1295 State Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01111-0001

Depending on the type of insurance you may be looking into, there are ten different toll free information numbers listed on their site. www.massmutual.com/contactus/callusn

To locate a MassMutual office or financial professional near you, enter your zip code on their page. www.massmutual.com/secure/locateoffice?errorcode=1001 Convenient maps point out the exact location of your nearest representatives. Forms and updates are also available on this page. As always, current clients may log in to view their own policy information.

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