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MHNet Health Insurance Company

MHNet Health Insurance Company or MHNet Behavioral Health was founded by doctors over 25 years ago and now proudly provides coverage to over 5 million Americans. Throughout the years, MHNet Behavioral Health has grown to be successful due to its focus on health insurance partnerships. MHNet Health Insurance Company understands that a healthy partnership relationship must be maintained between its members, providers, primary doctors, and clients. Through these partnerships, MHNet has been able to create a network that has received the highest credentials from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

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The Austin, Texas headquartered firm recognizes that to continually provide the best health care for their members, they must grow and adapt to the changes in the modern health care environment. MHNet Health Insurance Company has done a particularly outstanding job, offering the following products.

MHNet Health Insurance Company Health Plans

  • Comprehensive

The previously mentioned partnerships, allow MHNet Behavioral health to offer both comprehensive and cost-effective health plans to their members. MHNet Health Insurance calls this proactive management style, their “disease management approach” which studies past treatments and uses predictive and proactive monitoring to provide the best available health care. To learn more about the entire suite of comprehensive services, click here to visit the company’s website.

  • Implementation

MHNet Health Insurance Company knows that their members care about receiving their healthcare no matter what, and that’s why MHNet Behavior Health guarantees that their services will be uninterrupted. To clarify, even if a member of MHNet Health Insurance is receiving treatment from a provider that isn’t currently subscribed to the current MHNet Behavior Health network, the member will be treated until the episode is complete, without any questions asked. It is of utmost importance that the MHNet Health Insurance members know that they will receive the treatment they need, when they need it, no matter what.

  • Reporting

MHNet Health Insurance Company Employer Plans

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

MHNet Health Insurance Company understands that your employees may undergo health changes in life and therefore MHNet Behavioral has undertaken the responsibility to provide you, the employer, with the best possible employee assistance programs. We all know that life doesn’t wait and that a problem may occur in the middle of the night, that’s why MHNet Health Insurance has implemented a 24-hour EAP phone line for your employees. Not only is your employee able to use the line, but their dependents can as well! To learn more about the entire list of EAP services, please visit the following website.

  • Work-Life

MHNet Health Insurance Company understands that to be successful in your business endeavors, you must provide your employees with exceptional quality of life, and this starts with an appropriate work-life balance. The MHNet Behavior Health Work-Life program works towards the reduction of employee tardiness and absenteeism, and therefore, improvement of overall company morale. Once steps are implemented to achieve these foundations, you can see the benefits for yourself in the enhanced recruitment and the higher rate of employee retention.

  • MHNet Health Insurance Company Public Programs

MHNet Behavioral Health has conducted its own public sector research since the inception of the company, over 25 years ago. The reason for this is because, MHNet Health Insurance understands that somebody needs to always keep a close eye on the health interests of the general public and they believe they can add value to the governing bodies already in place today. The main areas in which MHNet goes about conducting their research is a population analysis to identify potential for preventive treatment of disease and proactive management of existing cases. The goal is to not only separate the most severe cases of today, but also, focus on the problem areas where patients need the most help.

  • Preventive Health

One of the rising concerns of today’s adolescent population is the treatment of both ADHD and anxiety. MHNet Behavioral Health as studied the varying characteristics involved with the diagnoses today, including demographics and the risk characteristics associated with disease management. Because of these studies, MHNet has successfully reduced the medical costs associated with the illnesses, as well as encourage the use of psychotherapy, in comparison to the use of prescription drugs, which can require multiple trials before the right dosage is assigned.

MHNet Health Insurance Company HIPAA Compliance

  • Information safety

A growing concern in today’s digital age is the privacy of one’s personal information. In 1996, a federal law went into effect that would insure that your personal health information would stay private. MHNet Behavior Health will not divulge your health information without your written consent. MHNet Health Insurance prides itself on member privacy practices, and often goes beyond the standard Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines.

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