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MGA Health Insurance

MGA Health Insurance is also known as MGA Healthcare Staffing or MGA for short, has been servicing the west coast with quality health care for almost twenty years. Since its inception in 1992, MGA has worked to provide some of the best staffing in the industry and provide exceptional health insurance for its patients. MGA Currently operates in five states (Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas), with corporate headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona. Due to MGA Healthcare Staffing Companies growth, the past few years have been focused on, not only the staffing of excellent medical health professionals in the states MGA operates, but also, a national focus on the very real threat of preserving the quality of National Health standards.

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As the cost of delivering consistent health care rises, year after year, due to advances in modern technology, as well as, increases in the general population, MGA is committed to providing the same standard of health care services, to all of its patients, new and old, and will continue to implement the advancements in modern medicine.

MGA Health Insurance Company Inc. Travel Nursing

What is the program, exactly?

MGA Travel Nursing is headquartered in MGA Health Insurance Company Inc.’s, Garden, California office location. MGA understands that the country, especially medical health organizations, has suffered from a shortage of qualified Registered Nurses, and therefore, MGA has set out to amend this statistic, and provide both the companies, and ultimately, the end patients, with proper health care everyone deserves.


If you happen to be a RN, within the confines of the Southwestern United states, MGA Health Insurance is currently assigning nurses to various hospitals and medical health organizations in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. A few of the subsectors of nursing fields, currently accepting new Registered Nursing professionals, are:

  • Emergency Room (ER)
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Operating Room (OR)
  • Compensation

If you obtain work as a travel nurse through MGA Health Insurance Company, you will be entitled to full medical health benefits as well as the top pay grade in the industry. The nurse will have the opportunity to elect a HMO or PPO health plan, under Blue Shield of California. If your assignment requires any relocation fee or assistance, MGA has no problem helping you make these plans, and reimbursing you for your time and costs. Finally, need not look for a place to stay, and leave the movers at home! MGA Health Insurance Company offers temporary corporate housing solutions that not only included all of the utilities, but also the furniture too!

MGA Health Insurance Company Inc. Home Healthcare

Assistance in the confines of your home!

If you feel as though you cannot leave your home to receive the medical treatment that you need, fear not, and reach out to MGA Health Insurance Company for a free assessment from a Registered Nursing professional. No matter the time of day, you can be sure that you will reach a member of the MGA internal staff, and you can sign up for a free personal visit, to assess your ongoing needs for home healthcare.

What services can I receive at home?

MGA Health Insurance Company has spent the last 20 years creating an organization that assures its patients receive the appropriate amount of health care. MGA understands that each patient is different, and therefore, after receiving the results from an initial visit, MGA can provide a whole host of services, within your home! The tasks can vary from assisting with physical therapy, after a major fall, or helping with the laundry around the house. If the patient needs assistance preparing dinner, or going to the store and purchasing the groceries, or requires assistance with bathing for example, the MGA Registered Nurses will be there to help assist!

MGA Health Insurance Company Inc. Pediatric Care

If you are looking for medical assistance for your child, you can be sure that MGA will provide your child with the best healthcare in the industry. All of MGA’s Registered Nurses have at least one full year of experience, and will be licensed in the pediatric nursing disciplines. MGA Health Insurance Company has a continuing education program that enables its employees to learn on the job as the medical world advances, and making sure that your child receives the most up to date treatments. Rest assured, you will deal with employees and not subcontracted healthcare professionals, and therefore, you can be certain that you will receive health care under direct management, every day.

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