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Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company Review

Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, more commonly referred to as MetLife. Through MetLife you can receive some of the most comprehensive complements to health insurance available in today’s marketplace. MetLife is approaching its 150-year anniversary, this decade, and can proudly boast the fact that they are the number one provider of insurance in the world. Rest assured; you are in good hands with MetLife, who happens to provide their services to nearly 20% of the largest firms on the Fortune 500 list.

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Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company Policies

  • Traditional

When choosing a traditional health insurance plan, you simply pay your health bills as needed. What this typically means is, if you receive medical billing, you would forward those claims to Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company, and then they would cover the portion of the bill, greater than your deductible. A deductible is a previously agreed upon fee, that will be charged, typically once a year. In the unlikely event that you incur exorbitant medical expenses over the course of the year, Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company has a built in safeguard, to make sure that you don’t pay more than a certain amount over the course of a year (ex: $5,000).

  • HMO

Depending on your budget, choosing a Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO plan, could end up being your most cost effective option. Typically, what you are paying for with an HMO is a very low deductible per visit, most likely $5 to $10 at your family doctor. Because of the cheaper cost of the program, the number of practices that participate in the HMO program may be limited, and not within your immediate area of residence and convenience. If you don’t anticipate visiting the doctor’s office all that often, the HMO solution may be the right choice for you.

  • Preferred

The difference in a preferential option plan and an HMO is that you are able to see doctor’s both within and outside of the Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company network of practitioners. Although it will cost less for you to see a doctor that is a member of your network, you can pay an extra premium to see the likes of a specialist, and still receive the same great benefits from your health insurance provider.

  • Hybrid

The hybrid plan allows you to register with a doctor within the Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company network, but also, visit specialists outside the network, with written consent of your primary caretaker. If given consent, you would be responsible for submitting the claim to Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company and making sure you pay the proper deductible, and then the health insurance provider will pick up the rest of the tab (typically, up to 80% of the total bill). If you end up seeking outside medical care on your own, without consulting your primary, in-network physician, you may end up having to pay higher costs.

Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company Life Insurance

  • Term

If you are interested in shoring up your family assets, you can choose a plan based on a dedicated period of time. This type of insurance is strictly based on premiums, and you will stay insured for the time allotted, as long as you keep paying the premiums on time. As you grow older, the premiums will raise, however if you should pass during the covered period, your family will receive the benefits, previously agreed upon under the contract.

  • Permanent

When you purchase a permanent life insurance policy through Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance / MetLife, you are investing in the future of your family, and making sure they will be protected after you are gone. There is no time allotted, with a permanent life plan, and the value of the policy can increase over the course of the contract. What you end up paying for this added benefit is a greater premium at the inception of the policy, which will gradually increase over time.

  • Tax advantage
  • Deferred value

While accumulating wealth under a permanent life insurance policy, you will not incur taxes on any of those policy earnings.


Metropolitan Tower Health Insurance Company / MetLife understands that large financial obligations may enter a family’s life from time to time, and they want to make sure you are able to access those tax-free earnings, to put towards your goals, if at all necessary. As long as you are paying your premiums on time, you have the added benefit of borrowing from your policies accrued wealth, at an interest-free, tax-free rate.

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