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Metropolitan Health Insurance Company

Metropolitan Health Insurance Company is known as Metropolitan Health Plan, or MHP. If you live in Minnesota, you are in luck, because MHP only provides health insurance to residents of Minnesota. With so many providers strewn across the United States, it’s comforting to know that you can receive health care from an in-state company that truly knows its audiences. Many corporate healthcare providers are dealing with people from all over the country, and even the world! With MHP, you know that they are actively working to provide you, and all other Minnesota residents with the best possible health care.

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Metropolitan Health Plan prides itself on its various health care offerings. Along with their comprehensive base programs, MHP offers many value added services to its members, including a 24-hour nursing hot line!

Metropolitan Health Insurance Company Plans

  • Prepaid Medical

The medical assistance program may be right for you if you are seeking health care for your family as well as coverage for prescriptions. This plan is best suited for families in a low-income tax bracket, and when selected, you will be provided with a member handbook that lists all participating medical practices. This handbook will also inform you on the coverage available for various prescription drugs, and even point you in the direction of recommended online pharmaceutical delivery companies. Of course, Metropolitan Health Plan’s main focus is keeping you safe and your information private, so it exhausts many resources working to provide you with the utmost customer service in the industry.

  • Senior Care

If you happen to be 65 years of age or older, MHP has a tailored health plan just for you. Before you visit your doctor, you will have access to a fee screen, which will list the average price of the procedures you expect to endure, before you actual reach the office. On top of that, MHP will chip in additional money towards these procedures, therefore, driving your final price below that of the average for Minnesota area residents. Finally, Metropolitan Health Insurance understands that your primary physician may not have expertise in all fields, and therefore, you may need to see a specialist. MHP allows patients to receive a standing referral from their primary care physician, indicating what specialists the patient may need to visit over a period of time. This is exceptionally important, because it eliminates any time you may have to wait to receive written consent, in the unlikely event of an emergency visit to a specialist.

  • MinnesotaCare Monthly Plan

MHP understands that Minnesota has a very diverse population that requires health care. Because of this, they have created MinnesotaCare, which enables persons to pay a monthly premium, based on the size of their family and the total income received in a household. Metropolitan Health Insurance wants to make sure that everyone has the right to obtain health insurance and continues to set the bar high for American health care.

  • Metropolitan Health Insurance Company Hotline

MHP understands that healthcare is a service that needs to be readily accessible at all hours of the day, every day, with no exceptions or days off. Because of this, Metropolitan Health Plan offers a phone line that is fully staffed by qualified medical professionals, who are willing to provide advice at any hour of the day. It doesn’t matter if you are calling about the symptoms of the common cold, or if you are considering whether to undergo on operation, no question is too small for the healthcare professionals at MHP.

Metropolitan Health Insurance Company Programs

  • Provided cell phones

MHP may provide cellular phone services to members who are suffering from serious health conditions; however, they do not have their own personal cell phone. These provided devices will come equipped with the phone number of the patient’s primary care physician, as well as the numbers of various support organizations within MHP, preprogrammed in the phone to dial at a moment’s notice.

  • Foreign Language Translation

Metropolitan Health Plan was the first provider in Minnesota to offer translation services to its members. Currently, MHP employs foreign language specialist who can speak more than 140 languages, to make sure that nothing is lost in translation.

  • Car Seats

Metropolitan Health Care recognizes that many of its members also have vehicles, and some of them, may be planning to start a family. Because of this, MHP can provide families with car seats for children up to age eight. Mothers can qualify for the car seats as early as six months into their pregnancy.

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