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MetHealth Investors Health Insurance Company

MetHealth Investors Health Insurance Company is actually a division of the largest insurance company in the world, MetLife. Although MetHealth doesn’t directly offer health insurance, you can still benefit greatly from undertaking the investments that MetLife has to offer. The intention of this article is to share with you, the immense opportunities from investing with a company like MetLife, whose sheer strength in mass, and age, has allowed it to offer some of the most rewarding returns on investments for its loyal customers.

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MetHealth Investors Health Insurance Company Investments

  • Annuities

If you want to plan for life after your career, some of the most effective investment alternatives can be annuities. The main types of annuities are variable annuities, fixed annuities, and income annuities.

  • Variable

The value of your asset can potentially grow, as the market rises. MetHealth Investors Health Insurance and MetLife do realize that the market does fluctuate, and therefore, the variable annuity can help to hedge your retirement income if the market were to decline.

  • Income

If you are looking for a guaranteed, steady flow of income, the income annuity might be the right choice for your retirement investment strategy. With the income annuity, you can make the most of your income while shielding yourself from fluctuations in the marketplace.

  • Fixed

The safest option of the annuities, ensuring that your principal will be protected and lock down an interest rate for the future, to avoid oscillation.

  • Broker-Dealer

Mutual Funds

Would you like your investments professionally managed and diversified to decrease your risk? One of the most cost efficient solutions would be to a MetHealth Investors Health Insurance mutual fund.

  • 529 Plans

If you are raising children, you can turn towards state-funded investments for their future education needs. If you open a 529 Savings plan, you can set aside money for your children’s college education, and do so, at a tax-free rate!

  • Advisory

Sometimes it’s best to seek a second opinion, especially that of a seasoned professional, and that is exactly why MetHealth Investors Health Insurance Company offers advisory accounts to their members. This particular account allows you to seek professional advice for various market trades, without dealing with the pesky commission fees of your run-of-the-mill stockbroker.


  • Traditional

Whether you are new to the homeowner’s market, or you are getting ready to purchase your dream home, MetHealth Investors Health Insurance Company/MetLife Home Loans can offer you a variety of investments that meet your needs. If you are building a new home, you can seek permanent financing, and fixed or adjustable-rate loans if you want to weather the changing market rates. In some areas, you can receive up to $3 million dollars in loan financing towards your new property!

  • Reverse

MetHealth Investors Health Insurance Company understands that those older in life, might be turned off from the length of mortgage, and therefore they have introduced a reverse option. If you are 62 or up, you can have the traditional mortgage rate flipped, with either fixed rate, or adjustable rate financing.

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