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Medco Containment Health Insurance Company

Medco Containment Health Insurance Company is known as Medco Health Solutions, Inc. or MHS. Since the company’s inception in 2003, Medco has been at the forefront of American mail-order pharmaceuticals by continually providing its members with customized health insurance plans that meet their prescription needs. Medco also supplies close to 60,000 retail pharmacies and has a dedicated staff of pharmacist’s on-call (24/7), to provide both individuals and employers with top-notch customer service and peace of mind.

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Medco’s consistent growth has enabled the company to offer some of the industry’s most aggressive pricing on the market today. Over the past 3 years, MHS has been ranked in the top 50 of the Fortune 500 list, and in 2010 filled almost 1 billion prescriptions. The key enabler in Medco’s success has been the unrivaled concentration on the five key customer groups.

Medco Containment Health Insurance Company Teams

  • Health Care Providers

Medco is armed with specialized pharmacists who help physicians prescribe the correct drug and proper dosage to an individual patient, by heading the advancement of pharmacogenomics. This practice recognizes that everyone has a different genetic makeup and it is used to significantly reduce the chance of side effects and miscellaneous costs incurred from trial and error of pharmaceutical products. When Medco’s associated with your health plan, you gain access to the fairest pricing and discounts on prescription drugs in today’s market.

  • Employers

Employees seeking full benefits will be thrilled if their employer chooses to align with Medco. Employer’s electing Medco will gain access to rates below the national average as well as generate exceptional employee behavior by improving their health and minimizing costs. Employees of larger companies who choose Medco will appreciate the fact they can retain lower costs while receiving benefits, even in retirement!

  • Labor Organizations

Medco currently serves six million union members. This client team will help you and your multi-employer trust fund meet your standards through a consistent and comprehensive approach, sparing no room for error when assessing the best-fit pharmacy management programs.

  • Government

The public sector team within Medco has extensive experience with local, state, and federal government employers. The team will help you approach the various branches of government to identify and amend needs, based on the shift of political views. The proactive management style that Medco uses across all of its teams ensures that communications will be effective across all channels of any organization.

  • Individual

If you are looking to maintain your prescription costs, you can register for Medco’s Prescription Plan® (PDP), which may help with the rising costs of future medication. With the industry consistently growing at 20-25%, year over year, Medco is likely to be a leader in determining the best available products for individual consumers.

Medco Containment Health Insurance Company Foundation

The Medco Foundation started in 2009 with the intention of improving healthcare for people throughout America. The main areas of focus have been penetrating centers that weren’t receiving prescription drugs, expanding healthcare education and assisting with disaster relief.

  • Prescription Drug Awareness

Medco has helped develop programs that make medicine more readily available in poverty-stricken areas. Medco also exhibits a continued effort in these areas to promote drug safety and stress the essential role of pharmaceuticals in healthcare.

  • Education

Medco’s Foundation provides funding to increase the career prospects of the exceptional students coming from impoverished areas. The Foundation continually updates medical professionals and students with up-to-date information and materials essential in understanding the progression of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Disaster Relief

Most recently, Medco donated $125,000 to the Red Cross, to help flood victims in Tennessee. The Foundation also assisted with tsunami disaster relief, donating 13 million doses of medicine.

Medco Containment Health Insurance Company Diversity

Medco conducts its business in many American cities in order to serve 60 million customers. This phenomenal growth and extensive customer base has opened various avenues to pursue suppliers in all necks of the country. Medco CEO, David B. Snow, is encouraging “supplier diversity” to help ensure the best quality products are delivered to Medco’s customers. To become a Medco supplier, an individual or company must have obtained certification by any of the following agencies:

  • The Association for Service Disabled Veterans

They must also file required local and state forms, meet company quality, IT and security requirements, show competitiveness in cost, and meet HIPPA and Medicare guidelines.

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2 Comments to “Medco Containment Health Insurance Company”

  1. robert leedy says:

    “Worst customer service ever.

    They do not care or look for ways to help. Ross V. laughed and was as non-caring an individual as I have ever dealt with. I will be pushing my company towards new insurance this year!!!”

  2. Casey Hulick says:

    A bait and switch drug plan…what they calculate for you is NOT what you ever pay. They pass you off to 3-5 people before you want to cry with exhaustion from their incompetence.


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