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Max America Health Insurance Company Health Insurance

This review is for the Max America Health Insurance Company that is a subsidiary of Alterra Capital Holdings Limited. In mid-2010, Max America Insurance was renamed Alterra America Insurance.

Alterra Capital Holdings Limited has subsidiaries located in the United States, Bermuda, Latin America, and Europe. While Alterra Capital Holdings Limited offers many insurance products, they do not offer any form of health insurance. Individuals or businesses looking to obtain health, medical, dental or vision insurance will need to contact another insurance carrier or company.

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In addition to Alterra America, there are seven other companies based in the United States that are part of the Alterra Capital Holdings Limited family. These include:

  • Reinsurance companies
  • Business insurance companies
  • Specialty insurance companies
  • Company that insures through Lloyd’s of London

Max America Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Locations

Alterra America’s has several offices located throughout the United States as well as the world. The main corporate office of Alterra Capital Holdings Limited is located in Bermuda. The main office for Alterra America is located in New York City, New York, while there are additional offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and other locations.

An interactive office locator allows an interested individual the ability to find any of the ten offices in the United States. Once the location is selected, a page with the physical address of the office, telephone number, and directions are listed.

Alterra America does however have a complete list of the management staff, including office location, phone number, and direct email address everyone associated with the company, including the President & Chief Executive Officer.

Max America Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Products

While Alterra Capital Holdings Limited offers many different insurance services; this review will only focus on Max America’s (now known as Alterra America) insurance products. However, Alterra America does not offer any type of individual or corporate health insurance product or service. Businesses or individuals looking for that type of insurance must contact another insurance carrier.

As the main underwriter for Alterra Capital Holdings Limited, Alterra USA offers insurance and reinsurance products as the company that manages two subsidiaries, Alterra Excess and Alterra America. Alterra America offers insurance products for excess and professional liability, property, and aviation.

Max America Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Reviews

There is no listing for Alterra Capital Holding Limited in the Better Business Bureau ranking, nor any information about Alterra America or Max America.

Alterra America Insurance Company is rated A (Excellent) for financial strength by the A.M. Best Company, but has an outlook of negative.

There are no individual reviews of Alterra America online most likely because the company only offers specialty insurance and the average consumer would have no need for the services of Alterra Capital Holdings Limited or any of its subsidiaries.

Max America Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Careers

There is a dedicated and extremely detailed career page on the Alterra Capital Holdings Limited website. Alterra’s vision, values, mission, and commitment to diversity are all explained on the main page, and there is a listing of the type of individual that Alterra is interested in hiring.

Alterra Capital Holdings Limited lists specific information on the required business acumen, teamwork skills, and work ethic that they seek in current and future employees. In addition, Alterra Capital Holdings Limited states that they believe strongly in developing their employees through personal training and development programs.

Alterra Capital Holdings Limited has a commitment to their employees to pay accordingly for outstanding performance. Similar to the office search, there is an interactive career search on the website that allows individuals to search by locations.

For interested applicants that rather search by position rather than by location, a complete list of open positions is also available on the career page.

The open positions are categorized by location, title as well as the Alterra Company that the position works under. When an interested individual clicks on a position, a detailed job description with required qualifications, responsibilities, and available benefits is displayed.

Applicants can apply online after reading a job description by attaching a letter of interest as well as a resume. However, there is no way to create or save an online profile, so an individual would need to re-apply if interested in more than one position.

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