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Marquette National Health Insurance Company Health Insurance

This health insurance review is for the Marquette National Health Insurance Company that is an affiliate of the Universal American Insurance Companies. While Marquette National offers both health and life insurance products, Universal American has four other affiliates that offer insurance coverage to customers throughout the United States. Marquette National offers products to customers in 27 states, and is based in Texas.

In addition to a life insurance product, Marquette National offers two different types of health insurance coverage to individuals who qualify for Medicare – a Medicare Supplement plan and a Medicare Select plan.

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Marquette National offers all of its insurance products under the name of Marquette National Life Insurance Company, even the Medicare products. Marquette National’s Medicare products are meant to help patients cover costs that are not covered by their Medicare coverage.

Marquette National Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Locations

The main corporate office for Marquette National Health Insurance Company is located at:

48888 Loop Central Drive
Houston, Texas

While Marquette National offers insurance products in many states, there is no additional information on other offices.

The main toll-free telephone number for Marquette National is 1-800-999-2224 for non-customers and 1-800-934-8203 for customers. Offices are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST on Fridays.

Marquette National offers an online electronic form for any questions or concerns related to their products, and also offers an email address, [email protected], for questions about products.

Marquette National Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Products

Marquette National offers seven different insurance products – eight of which are health-related and one that is a life insurance plan. This review will focus on the health insurance products. These products include three Medicare products, a cancer program, a hospital indemnity program, and dental insurance.

The Medicare Supplement program helps patients pay for costs that are not covered by basic Medicare coverage. The coverage provided by Marquette National includes deductibles, co-pays, and outpatient treatments that the patient is responsible for, all for one monthly premium payment. The supplement plan does not cover long-term care in a nursing home, vision, dental or private in-home care.

The second Medicare program is Medicare Select, which is also a Medicare Supplement but requires the patient to utilize an in-network hospital for medical care. By utilizing a network facility, the Part A deductible that is usually required is waived. Medicare Select is also known as Medi-Gap insurance.

The Medicare Advantage Health Plans include various Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Health Plans, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO Plans), Private Fee-for-Service Plans and Medicare Special Needs Plans. The Marquette National website has detailed information about the many options available to members.

It is important to note that members continue to pay any Medicare Part B premium that is required in order to maintain coverage.

The other three health insurance products that are available include products that are offered through Constitution Life Insurance Coverage, an affiliate of Universal American.

Marquette National Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Reviews

The Better Business Bureau has not granted Marquette National Health Insurance accreditation. In some case when a company is not accredited, and when there is adequate information available about the company, the BBB assigns a letter grade. In the case of the Marquette National Health Insurance company, there is very limited information available to the Better Business Bureau and therefore, not letter grade has been given to the company. Businesses such as the Marquette National Health Insurance Company are not obligated to try to obtain accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. There are no online customer reviews about Marquette National Health Insurance Company, as well as no complaints filed through the Better Business Bureau against the company over the last 36 months.

Marquette National is rated B+ by the A.M. Best Company, and has an outlook of stable. The financial size of Marquette National is III ($2 million to $5 million), and the company has a long-term outlook of bbb-.

Marquette National Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Careers

Marquette National, through the Universal American corporate website, has detailed information about working for the company. There is a job search function, information about available benefits, as well as the ability to create a job search agent and profile that can be used to apply for different open positions.

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One Comment to “Marquette National Health Insurance Company Health Insurance”

  1. Ralph and Gail says:

    “Please do yourself a favor and steer clear of this ‘insurance’. Statements come back with zeros for the amount they pay toward ANY claim. Customer service is located on another continent where they seem to delight in putting you on hold for extended periods of time.

    The only thing they are prompt about is taking your premium from your checking account, even AFTER you cancel the ‘coverage’.”


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