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Markel American Health Insurance Company

The Markel Corporation, www.markelcorp.com, is an insurance holding company traded publicly on the NY Stock Exchange (MKL). The company specializes in high-risk insurance products that often can’t be placed with more traditional insurance carriers. Markel Corporation was founded in the 1920’s by Sam Markel who achieved success satisfying the insurance needs of America’s growing transportation industry. Members of the Markel family still hold prominent positions in the company, which in the 21st century, has achieved global importance.

Markel Corporation Ratings

A.M. Best gives The Markel Corporation and its subsidiaries excellent, A, ratings in the $1.25 – $1.5 billion size category. Fitch Insurer rates each of the Markel Companies with an A for financial strength.

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Markel Corporation Subsidiaries

Markel American Insurance Company, a corporation since 1987, is a division of the original Markel Corporation. It is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states plus the District of Colombia.

Markel American provides insurance for:

  • Boats and other marine equipment
  • Personal land vehicles
  • Non-conforming private homes
  • Other high-risk insurances

The Markel Insurance Company www.markelinsurance.com, provides more typical insurance services for consumers, businesses and organizations with special needs. Markel will create a program to fit almost any specific insurance risk. Their regular lines include:

  • Specialized property and casualties
  • Specialized accidental coverage
  • Coverage for horse ranches and farms
  • Special health programs

These health programs provide coverage for:

  • Grade school and college students
  • Athletes and sports organizations
  • Basic health insurance

Markel Insurance’s basic health program has its own website, www.markelbasichealth.com.

Markel Basic Health is an employer program accessible by any industry. Markel emphasizes the flexibility of this program. Employers may choose any one of six available plans or customize a plan to meet their company’s specific needs. They may choose which groups of employees are eligible and determine when they become eligible. Premiums are affordable for both employer and employee. Employees have neither deductible nor co-pays and can sign up without lengthy questionnaires or exams.

If you are an employer and would like more information about Markel’s Basic Health program please contact:

Tammy Shrader
Markel Insurance Company
4600 Cox Road,
Glen Allen, VA 23060 800-431-1270 ext 17903 or by Fax at 804-527-7915

[email protected]

For claims, billing information or enrollment contact:

Benefit Plans, LLC
Markel Basic Health
P.O. Box 21282
Tampa, Florida 33622-1282

For individual policyholders, regular customer service hours are Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm
Call toll free at 877-794-6917

Markel also offers a short-term medical insurance policy, for individuals, with information available at http://www.markelstm.com. Click on the quotation link and a simple questionnaire pops up allowing the user access to current rates for this program. A toll free phone number, 1-800-279-2290, is also available and will put you directly in touch with a skilled and knowledgeable Markel Insurance representative.

Markel’s short-term medical insurance is designed to meet the needs of:

  • Recent graduates
  • People in-between jobs
  • New employees not yet eligible for group insurance
  • Part-time or temporary workers
  • People eligible for COBRA

There are many consumer friendly features to this short-term program including:

  • Inclusive coverage
  • Choosing your own deductible and co-pay
  • One million dollar limit
  • Coverage that begins the next day
  • Choosing your own health care providers

You may also purchase coverage solely for your dependent child.

If you are an agent looking to add this valuable short-term program to your portfolio, you may contact Jim Taylor, Director of Business Development at Markel Insurance:

Toll free: 800-462-5539, ext. 43385

Direct line: 312-258-3385

[email protected]

Careers with Markel Insurance

Current job postings and more general employment opportunities are available for viewing on the Markel website: www.markelcorp.com/careers/Pages/JobListings.aspx Applications can be completed and submitted right on the site.

Markel Customer Service

Markel Insurance prides itself on excellent customer service. Their company philosophy, “Markel Style” states that every single customer is important, regardless of size. Markel employees embrace this attitude with dedication to their jobs and to the highest level of service to their clients.

Claims Service

The Markel claims service webpage, www.markelcorp.com/PolicyholderServices/Pages/FileaClaim.aspx, provides policyholders with a variety of avenues for filing a claim. Claims may be initiated on-line, by phone, fax or by regular mail. For emergencies, 24-hour claim service is available by phone.

Markel Insurance Company Agents and Locations

Corporate offices are located in Glen Allen, Virginia. To find insurance brokers representing Markel’s products in any of the 50 states, there is a convenient map. www.markelcorp.com/Pages/BrokerLocator.aspx?SID=223

Click on your state and select an agency and office near you.

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