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Maiden Health Insurance Company Health Insurance

This review is for the Maiden Health Insurance Company based out of Bermuda that is a subsidiary of Maiden Holding, Ltd. The Maiden Insurance Company offers reinsurance products to business customers and does not offer health insurance. Individuals or business looking for health insurance products must contact another insurance carrier.

Maiden Insurance Company specializes in providing insurance services for businesses that are not based in the United States, and focus on the property and casualty market. In 2010, Maiden Holdings, Ltd had more than $1.2 billion in net premiums written, as well as $114 million in total income from all operations. In 2011, Maiden Health has more than $3 billion in total assets as well as shareholders equity of nearly $770 million.

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Maiden Holdings, Ltd has four different subsidiaries that provide various insurance products across the world:

  • Maiden International focuses on providing insurance products to the automotive insurance companies.
  • Maiden Insurance Company, the focus of this review, provides reinsurance products.
  • Maiden Specialty offers insurances to wholesale and retail companies across the United States.
  • Maiden Re covers businesses with a variety of products.

Maiden Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Locations

The main corporate office of Maiden Insurance Company is located at:

131 Front Street, 2nd Floor
Hamilton, Bermuda
Telephone at 441-298-4900

Email at [email protected]

Maiden Insurance Company also has a list of individual management contacts on the website including their full name, title and contact phone numbers. All of the individuals listed are involved in the underwriting process for Maiden Insurance Company. There is no additional information available about regional offices or locations within the United States or anywhere else in the world.

However, Maiden Specialty, a sister company of Maiden Insurance Company, does have offices located throughout the United States, including California, Texas, Georgia and New York.

Maiden Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Products

Maiden Insurance Company offers two different products to their customers, however, as mentioned earlier in this review, neither of the products are health insurance. Customers and individuals looking for personal health insurance must contact another insurance company.

As a specialist in Reinsurance, Maiden Insurance Company offers property and casualty reinsurance to its business customers outside the United States. This is a specialty insurance product that is only utilized by a small number of businesses throughout the world and is not common.

The other product offered by Maiden Insurance Company is considered a product that is only relevant to a reinsurer and not to a traditional insurance customer or an individual.

As previously mentioned, Maiden Insurance Company does not offer any individual insurance products, including health and medical insurance. Individuals who require a medical plan must get in touch with another insurance company. In fact, none of Maiden Insurance Company’s subsidiaries offers health insurance either. Maiden Insurance Company only offers insurance and reinsurance products for businesses.

Maiden Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Reviews

The Maiden Insurance Company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and there is no record on the BBB website for Maiden or any of its affiliates, including Maiden Holdings, Ltd.

Maiden Insurance Company does however have a rating of A- (Excellent) by the A.M. Best Company, as well as a Stable financial outlook. In addition, Standard and Poor’s has given Maiden Insurance Company a rating of BBB+, and a stable outlook.

There are no customer reviews available online for Maiden Insurance Company most likely because Maiden only insures business customers, and in general business customers do not post reviews about other businesses online.

Maiden Health Insurance Company Health Insurance Careers

There is no information on the Maiden Insurance Company webpage about careers or job openings within the company. In fact, while each of the four subsidiaries of Maiden Holdings, Ltd. has its own website, none of them has any career information. This could be because there are currently no openings at Maiden Holdings, Ltd or any subsidiary, or simply because Maiden does not post any job information on the website.

Individuals interested in learning more about working for Maiden Insurance Company, or any of the Maiden Holdings, Ltd subsidiaries should either call the main telephone number, send an email to the general information email addresses, or contact one of the regional offices.

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