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Lumbermens Mutual Health Insurance Company

This Lumbermens Mutual Health Insurance Company Review will discuss the Lumbermens Mutual Group. This property and casualty company is based out of Long Grove, Illinois and used to be known as Kemper Insurance. Although the company used to offer a variety of insurance products, they are currently not renewing or issuing insurance policies.

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Lumbermens Mutual Group Location

Lumbermens Mutual Group is headquartered out of Illinois. The address is:

1 Kemper Dr.
Long Grove, IL, 60049- 0001

Lumbermens Mutual Group Telephone Numbers

Phone number: 847-320-2000
Fax number: 847-320-4550.

For personal home or auto insurance questions, you can call 877-252-7878. To find out about claim information or status, call 888-252-2799.

For workers’ comp claims, the phone number is 800-753-6737. For information about annuities or life insurance, call 866-874-4001.

For all questions about commercial lines or commercial claims, you can call their toll free number at 800-833-0355.

Lumbermens Mutual Group Companies

Lumbermens Mutual Group, known previously as Kemper, is made up of a number of casualty and property insurers. These companies include:

  • Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company
  • Specialty Surplus Insurance Company
  • Lumbermens Insurance Company of Texas
  • Lumbermens Casualty Insurance Company
  • American Motorists Insurance Company
  • American Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company
  • Lumbermens Mutual Group Products

Up until their runoff process, Lumbermens Mutual Group offered a variety of insurance products, both for personal and commercial needs. The company offered:

  • Homeowners
  • Auto
  • Life insurance
  • Annuities for individuals

For commercial insurance, Lumbermens Mutual Group offered:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial auto
  • Business liability
  • Business casualty

Other commercial lines

Because Lumbermens is not currently selling insurance policies, if you are looking for insurance products there are a number of different insurance companies that would be happy to help you out with all of your insurance needs.

Lumbermens Mutual Group Claims

Although Lumbermens Mutual Group is not issuing new policies or renewing existing policies, any claims by the policyholders are being handled and processed under the existing policies’ terms.

If your claim is for a policy issued and underwritten by Specialty Surplus Insurance Company or Specialty National Insurance Company, you should contact Kemper Insurance Companies at their toll free number, which is 800-833-0355.

If your claim is for a policy underwritten and issued by Pacific Eagle Insurance Company or Eagle Pacific Insurance Company, you should get in contact with SeaBright Insurance Company at toll free number 800-373-2255.

Most of the commercial products such as liability, premises, auto, and workers’ compensation are being taken care of by Broadspire Services, Inc. You should also contact Broadspire if you have questions about medical case management and medical bill review. The toll free number for Broadspire is 800-753-6737 and their fax number is 800-245-9927.

If you have commercial property claims or claims for special liability that were issued by Kemper Insurance, you should contact the customer relations unit of Lumbermens Mutual Group. Specialty liability includes:

  • Directors and officers
  • Environmental
  • Excess casualty
  • Professional liability
  • Malpractice
  • Construction defect
  • Intellectual property
  • Other non-standard liability

You can reach Lumbermens at 800-833-0355 or 847-320-3237 by phone or through fax at 847-320-2228 or 847-320-5765.

For any personal lines claims, you should contact Unitrin at 888-252-2799.

Lumbermens Mutual Group Careers

Although Lumbermens Mutual Group is going through a runoff process, they are still looking for insurance professionals to help with certain aspects of the process. At times, they need the expertise and skills of both insurance professionals and claim professionals.

Any positions that are available will be shown on the website with information on who to contact with questions and how to apply for the position desired.

Lumbermens Mutual Group and Kemper

Lumbermens Mutual Group used to be known as Kemper Insurance. Although Lumbermens is currently going through a runoff process, Kemper is still running as normal and issuing insurance policies. They sell homeowners, auto, and other personal casualty and property lines of insurance. Kemper has over 4,700 insurance agents around the country who can help you with your insurance needs and any questions you may have.

If you would like to search for health insurance, all you need to do is enter your zip code in the free quote box and you can compare health insurance rates for a number of companies.

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