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Legacy Health Plan Inc. Health Insurance

Legacy Health Plan Inc. began selling insurance in 1999. However, Coventry Health Care acquired it in 2005, which has been in business since 1986. A.M. Best rates Coventry Health Care A-.

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Under Coventry Health Care, individuals and groups can enroll in health care plans depending on their needs. Coventry offers medical coverage, workers’ compensation, and behavioral health plans. At one time, Coventry Health Care offered Medicaid and Medicare coverage, but it is currently unavailable.

Coventry Health Care Contact Information

Legacy Health Plan’s headquarters were originally located in Texas at the following address:

2018 Pulliam Street
San Angelo, TX 76905

However, Coventry Health Care is based out of Maryland at the following address:

6705 Rockledge Drive, Suite 900
Bethesda, MD 20817
(301) 581-0600

Coventry Health Care Group Health Insurance

Coventry Health Care offers group health insurance, which is custom designed for the region or state your employees reside. Most of the group plans operate as a network plan that provides medical and pharmaceutical coverage to the insured.

Another option for group health insurance is to offer self-funded plans for employers with over 200 employees. These plans are also customized for the needs of the group.

Coventry Health Care Total Behavioral Solution

Coventry Health Care Group provides an option for behavioral health insurance. The plan is also managed through a network of providers and offers preventative care and assistance in managing all degrees of mental illness in and out of the home.

The plan is managed by MHNet Behavioral Health, a company that has been in the mental health care business for over 25 years. At one time, they were also a part of the Legacy Health Plan.

Coventry Health Care Individual Plans

Coventry Health Care also offers insurance to individuals and families. The plans vary depending on the needs of the individual or family. The coverage varies with the plan, but the company boasts of low deductibles and copayments.

Depending on the plan, referrals may be necessary, but many well checks and preventive services are automatically covered. The premium plan also covers hospitalization, emergency services, and pharmaceutical coverage.

Individuals eligible for these plans are students, college graduates, families, and individuals between jobs, families, self-employed, and those that are ineligible for coverage through their employer.

Coventry Health Care Student Plans

Student plans are important to those individuals who no longer have insurance once they graduate from high school. Often their parents’ insurance company uses this as the time for students to be dropped.

College students who are no longer in school due to graduation, but are between jobs can also apply for coverage with Coventry Health Care.

Coventry Health Care Quotes

Coventry Health Care quotes can be obtained by applying on the company’s website. Simply click on the state you reside to determine the products offered. Then you can click on the “Get a Quote” box to receive your personalized quote. Coventry Health Care is authorized to write insurance in all 50 states.

As you request your quote, you will be asked to provide personal information and whether or not you are a smoker. You also have the option of adding family members to the quote.

Coventry Health Care Agents

You can speak with a Coventry Health Care agent by calling 866-WHY-WORRY.

Coventry Health Care Customer Service

Coventry Health Care provides customer service to its policyholders by offering answers to frequently asked questions. The site also recommends fitness programs for adults and kids.

In addition to these services, policyholders can also log in to their account on the company’s website and make updates to their personal information as well as view their claims and laboratory tests.

Coventry Health Care also permits payments to be processed online by entering your banking information to reoccur on a monthly basis. Payments can also be made through a payroll deduction with your employer. Only initial premiums can be made with a credit card.

Customer Service phone numbers vary depending on where you live. For instance if you live in Pennsylvania or Ohio, the designated line is 866-874-2624. However, if you live in South Florida, the number to call is 866-847-8235, but Tampa residents should dial 866-576-1094. Everyone in every other state should call 866-364-5663.

Coventry Health Care Provider Network

Policyholders have the ability to view doctors and policy coverage on the company’s website under the “Plans” page. Participating pharmacies and hospitals are also available for policyholders review.

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