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Laurel & Associates Health Insurance Company

This Laurel & Associates Health Insurance Company Review delves into Laredo, Texas-headquartered Laurel & Associates Insurance Agency. The company was founded in 1984 by president, Robert Laurel, and employs about seven people. Don’t confuse the company with health care consultant Laurel Associates of Chicago, Illinois. According to Dun & Bradstreet, the company generated approximately $600,000 in sales in 2010, and is a considered a low-risk vendor.

If you’re looking for any type of health insurance coverage, Laurel & Associates offers to present a proposal that matches your needs. Ask the company about individual health insurance products (including dental, critical care, or life insurance) or group health insurance (including dental or traditional health insurance plans. If you’re a senior looking for health insurance, Laurel & Associates offers assistance in identifying cost-effective coverage.

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Then, continue to learn more about the Laurel & Associates Health Insurance Agency to determine if the company offers the products and services you need. We provide contact information as well as types of insurance programs offered by the agency.

Laurel & Associates Health Insurance Company Contact Information

Write the company at:

4519 San Bernardo
Laredo, TX 78045-5717
Phone number: 956-724-9083

Laurel & Associates Health Insurance Company Individual Policies

Health insurance helps individuals, families, and businesses to afford the high cost of health care. The health insurance contract promises that the insurance company will provide certain health insurance at a known cost called the premium. Insurers differ—some insurance companies offer a monthly installment plan while others offer discounts for a lump sum premium payment.

Depending upon your insurance company’s arrangement, the insurer either submits a payment for health care services for your benefit or reimburses monies you pay for health care services. Many employers offer health insurance plans to their employees, and either pay the premium costs as a benefit or split premium expenses with employees. If your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, purchasing health insurance can save you money in the event of a long-term illness or new health condition.

Insurance companies charge different premium costs for health insurance coverage, according to the company website. Comparing costs and coverage can be a confusing exercise. The agents at Laurel & Associates want to help their clients and prospects to identify the most cost-effective insurance plans for their needs.

In addition to traditional, health maintenance organization (HMO), and preferred provider organization (PPO) health care services, Laurel & Associates offers a variety of dental insurance plans. Dental insurance helps clients receive routine cleaning and preventive care by sharing these costs. Prevention helps clients save money: regular cleaning and check-ups assisted U.S. dental patients save almost $100 billion on dental costs in the 1980s decade, according to the company’s website.

Laurel & Associates helps senior clients to maximize health care insurance and services by offering Medicare supplement plans. For clients aged 65 and older, Medicare supplement plans help to pay for deductibles, co-pays, prescription medicines, and other costs not covered by Medicare. Supplemental insurance is sometimes called “gap” insurance.

Disability insurance coverage helps individuals and businesses to prepare for the potential event of disability. After an accident or the onset of an illness, an individual may be unable to work. The loss of income due to disability can be a disastrous financial event. Disability insurance plans purchased individually or through an employer, can help an individual or family to cover life’s expenses.

Laurel & Associates also offers critical care insurance plans. Critical care insurance helps the insured (surviving at least 30 days after the initial onset or diagnosis of a critical illness) to pay for life expenses, including mortgage, bills, medical treatment, or other needs. Critical care insurance pays out a lump sum benefit to the insured without determining how the insured uses the funds. The insured keeps the money even when she fully recovers from the life-threatening event.

Laurel & Associates Health Insurance Company Commercial Insurance Plans

The agents at Laurel & Associates help businesses and commercial organizations to provide employee benefits, such as health insurance. Group insurance helps a collective, rather than an individual, to share the costs of insurance. Each group is different, so identifying the best group insurance plan is different from one client to another. Comparing group health insurance rates is only one of the steps necessary to find the best group health insurance plan.

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