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LA American Health Insurance Company

This LA American health insurance review will not be very helpful in terms of information about a specific company. Although the name appears across the Internet as a viable health insurance provider, we were unable to locate any information about the existence of said company. We checked business records from various states along with comprehensive insurance review sites to no avail. It appears that the name “LA American Insurance Company” may have started as a typo and then simply traveled across the Internet.

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Seeing that the Internet is a vast collection of pages, to which tens of thousands are being added daily, it’s not uncommon for a single error to be picked up and spread across the net like a wildfire. That’s why we’re told not to believe everything we read online. This appears to be the case with LA American health insurance. Perhaps this name finds its origin from several local insurance agencies in the state of Louisiana, which somehow use the word “American” in their name.

LA American as a Local Agency

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that LA American is a local insurance agency somewhere in the United States. As was just stated, there are more than a few insurance agencies in Louisiana that might fall under this category. Because the word “American” is such a powerful marketing tool, it is one of the most popular words used in business names across the country. Great American Insurance Group is but one example of this phenomenon.

It’s also possible that the original reference to LA American was an insurance agency in Los Angeles, California. If so, local records from that area don’t indicate whether or not the company still exists. We have to assume not, since we couldn’t find it in any business listings. Regardless, if LA American is indeed a local insurance agent they might represent a multitude of companies offering private health insurance along with auto, home, life, and other products.

LA American as a National Underwriter

If LA American does exist but is not a local agency, it could be a national underwriter whose primary business is to underwrite policies under the name of a nationally known brand. This practice is actually more common in the United States than most people think.

For example, you may have a nationally known insurance provider consisting of six or eight subsidiaries that provide all of the actual policies. Those subsidiaries might not advertise or write policies under their own name, instead doing everything under the brand name of the parent company.

In a scenario such as this, insurance customers often get confused when other policy documents arrive in the mail. They notice the name on the letterhead is different from the brand name of company they assumed they were getting their insurance through. Fortunately, a quick phone call reveals the source of their confusion. The insurance coverage is the same as was told them over the phone by the corporate representative; it is simply underwritten by one of the company’s subsidiaries.

LA American Health Insurance Claims

On the outside chance that LA American is an obscure company offering health insurance, their claims could be set up in one of several different ways. First, they could be a standard health insurance provider working similar to your local HMO. In this scenario, you would choose a doctor from the list of those that participate with the program as your primary care physician. When visiting, you would pay your co-pay out-of-pocket and the office would bill the insurance company for the remainder.

Another option would be for LA American to be organized under a PPO model. This is the type of model utilized by nationally known insurance provider United Healthcare. Under this model, care is dispensed through a preferred provider network of physicians and medical institutions. Although subscribers could visit any physician or medical institution, they will get a better price and by using those who belong to the network. They’ll also get full coverage for network providers in most cases.

The third possible scenario would have LA American being set up as a captive program or a self-insurance program from an individual company. In this case, it would probably work on the reimbursement model where the policyholder pays all costs upfront and then submits claim forms for reimbursement. Although this model of health insurance used to be extremely popular several decades ago, it’s one that’s not used much today.

Even though we can’t find out anything about LA American, you can still find out about health insurance rates in your area by entering you zip code in the box provided now.

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