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Jefferson National Health Insurance Company

This review is of the Jefferson National Health Insurance Company, which leads to the Jefferson National Company. This company currently handles annuities and money management. They were founded as a life insurance company and were considered one of the premiere life insurance providers for many years. In 2005; however, Jefferson National sold its life insurance business as it faced greater financial strain. It does not currently, nor has it ever, sold health insurance policies.

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Jefferson National Company Information and History

Jefferson National was founded in 1937 in Indianapolis, Indiana as a life insurance company. Over the years, it grew and became a top provider of life insurance policies across the United States. The corporate headquarters was moved to Louisville, Kentucky and corporate offices were also opened in New York, New York and Dallas, Texas. Jefferson National branched out to begin selling annuities and providing money management services as well.

In 1994, Jefferson National was purchased by Conseco and its name was changed to Conseco Variable Life Insurance Company. In 2002, the company was bought out by the current management team, and the company was renamed Jefferson National. It is currently led by Chairman David Smilow and President and Chief Executive Officer Laurence P. Greenberg.

Jefferson National Contact Information

Jefferson National can be reached for further information via mail, phone, or fax. Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday during business hours.

Mailing Address:

9920 Corporate Campus Drive
Suite 1000
Louisville, KY 40223

Phone Number: (502) 587-7626
Toll Free: (866) 667-0561
Fax Number: (866) 667-0563

Jefferson National Ratings

Jefferson National has recently faced difficult financial times forcing it to sell its life insurance division. The well-known ratings company A.M. Best currently gives Jefferson National a rating of B (Fair) based on its current financial stability. The positive news for the company is that this is an increase from a rating of B – and shows that Jefferson National may be headed in the right direction.

Jefferson National Insurance Company Former Accounts

Consumers who formerly purchased a life insurance policy with Jefferson National do not need to worry even though these policies are no longer overseen by this company. These policies are now being underwritten by Liberty Life Insurance, a company which was the U.S. division of a Canadian owned insurance company, but has recently been taken over itself by Athene Holding, Ltd. Due to this latest corporate takeover, Liberty Life is not writing any new policies either; however, they will still manage their former policies and the former policies of Jefferson National. All claims will continue to be processed and customer service issues can be handled by calling or writing to Liberty Life at:

2000 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29615
Phone Number: (888) 587-8511

Customer service agents are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

Jefferson National – Finding Health Insurance

Since Jefferson National no longer provides any form of insurance, including health insurance, you may still need to find a reputable health insurance provider. Following are some tips to get you started in your search.

If your employer offers insurance, you are one of the lucky ones. You may still have to do some research to determine:

  • Which plan offered is right for you
  • Which doctors you can use
  • How much you will have to pay out of pocket yourself

However, you are still among those who can rely on coverage that is at least, in part, paid for by your employer. Others are not as lucky. If you have lost your job or can only find a job without health benefits, you will have to find private health insurance, which can be very expensive.

First, you’ll want to do your homework and find out what your options are in terms of companies and plans available to you. Ask yourself what type of policy would be best for your situation. A PPO may offer more flexibility in terms of the doctors and specialists you can visit, but it may come with a steeper premium than an HMO. Make sure you understand all of the healthcare jargon and acronyms before beginning.

Once you have a list of possible plans and providers, check to see if these plans will allow you to continue to see your current physician and any specialists you visit regularly. If not, you must decide if you are willing to switch doctors.

Another consideration needs to be your health and that of your family. If you are a healthy individual with very little need for specialists, then a higher co-pay and lower premium may be for you; however, if you visit doctors regularly, you may benefit from paying more for your premium in order to pay lower co-pays for each visit.

Once you have figured out what you want and need you are ready to choose a health insurance provider. Click here and enter your zip code to begin your search and receive a list of free health insurance rate quotes instantly.

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