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J.M.I.C. Health Insurance Company

J.M.I.C. is a subsidiary of JM Family Enterprises, Inc., a diversified automotive corporation with a network of car dealerships and other automotive related businesses operating throughout southern Florida. J.M.I.C. sells life insurance and credit insurance, but does not appear to have ever sold health insurance. The company is a private insurance company classified under Credit and Other Financial Responsibility Insurance providers.

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J.M.I.C. Insurance Company Information and History

JM Family Enterprises began in 1968 when Jim Moran opened his first car dealership in Florida. He continued to open and operate dealerships, dealing mostly with domestic car brands such as Ford and Pontiac. In 1979, J.M.I.C. was founded, further expanding the realm of services offered by JM Enterprises.

Today the JM Enterprises brand deals mostly with Toyota owned brands including Toyota, Lexus, and Scion. The company was labeled one of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for in the United States and listed by Forbes as #33 in their top 100 companies. Across all of their business locations, JM Enterprises employs close to 3800 employees. They grossed $9.3 billion in revenue in 2010.

J.M.I.C. is a relatively small insurance company despite being owned by a much larger corporation. J.M.I.C. has approximately 40 employees and is currently led by President Dave Reduzzi and Vice President Colin Brown.

J.M.I.C. Insurance Contact Information

J.M.I.C. does not have its own website, but information can be found about its parent company, JM Family Enterprises, via their corporate web page; www.jmfamily.com. J.M.I.C. can be reached via mail or phone although information as to the exact phone number and address was conflicting between different sources. The most commonly listed information was as follows:

Mailing Address:

500 Jim Moran Blvd. (also listed as 700 or 500 NW 12th Ave.)
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Phone Number: (954) 429-2150 (also listed as (954) 429-2333)
Toll Free: (800) 551-2311

J.M.I.C. Insurance Community Involvement

J.M.I.C.’s parent company, JM Family Enterprises, is well known for its involvement within the southern Florida community and the charitable organizations it supports. Jim Moran was recognized as a philanthropist who gave millions of dollars toward helping others. Examples of charitable work done by JM Enterprises includes:

  • Development of the Youth Automotive Training Center in 1984 providing at-risk youth in South Florida with automotive training and academic education helping them to find a rewarding career
  • A multi-million dollar donation in 1988 to Holy Cross Hospital allowing it to build and fund the Jim Moran Heart and Vascular Center
  • Development of the Jim Moran Children’s Fund in Broward County
  • Partnership with United Way of Broward County to support local charitable organizations
  • Establishment of the Jim Moran Center for Global Entrepreneurship at Florida State University allowing the College of Business to provide services to small businesses at no cost
  • Raised $21.8 million for the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County

J.M.I.C. Insurance Careers

If you are interested in a career in the insurance industry with J.M.I.C. or with its owner, JM Family Enterprises, you can visit the website for additional information on current openings and how to apply. They seek employees who are hard working and share their belief in a culture of corporate philanthropy and volunteerism. The JM Enterprises companies are family oriented and dedicated to helping employees balance their work with their family commitments. Although these services vary by location, they offer employees such advantages as:

  • Health and Wellness Centers
  • On Site Daycare
  • Fitness Centers
  • Indoor Lap Pool
  • Salon Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Massage Therapy
  • Health Fair Held Annually
  • Free Mammograms and Prostate Exams
  • On Site Nutritionist
  • Weight Watchers at Work

J.M.I.C. Insurance Legal Issues

One blemish found in J.M.I.C.’s record is a class action lawsuit it was part of in 2003. The lawsuit began when Ken Toole claimed he did not receive the payment he should have for an unearned car insurance premium. His attorneys discovered that many people across the country, dealing with several insurance providers, were made to take out credit insurance in connection with auto loans, which ensures that the loan is paid off in the event the borrower dies or is unable to pay for some other reason. When the borrower pays off the car loan the unearned premium should be returned to the borrower, but in many instances, it is not. Instead, the insurance companies are just holding onto this money that does not belong to them.

J.M.I.C. along with several other companies were found guilty and ordered to pay $45 million divided among approximately 770,000 people. No other legal issues could be found in the records for J.M.I.C., however; fairly limited information was available on the J.M.I.C. division of JM Enterprises.

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