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Investors Heritage Health Insurance Company

This Investors Heritage Health Insurance Company Review will discuss the company known as Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company. The company is based out of Frankfort, Kentucky and used to be called Kentucky Investors, Inc. Its financial rating by A.M. Best is B+ and its future outlook is stable. The Investors Heritage Insurance Company does sell health insurance through its financial institution market.

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Investors Heritage Insurance Company Locations

Investors Heritage Insurance Company is based out of Frankfurt, Kentucky at:

200 Capital Ave
PO Box 717
Frankfort, KY, 40602- 0717

Phone number: 502-223-2361
Toll free phone number: 1-800-422-2011
Fax number: 502-875-7084

Investors Heritage Insurance Company is licensed to sell insurance in 30 states in the country. Check out the website to see if your state is covered by Investors Heritage.

Investors Heritage Insurance Company Products

Investors Heritage Insurance focuses on three main insurance markets, the funeral home market, financial institution market, and the ordinary life insurance market.

Investors Heritage Funeral Home Market

The funeral home market focuses on annuity and life insurance products that pertain to final expense and pre-need. Losing a friend or family member is hard enough. These days if someone passes away, whether expected or unexpected, the family is also left with the responsibility of paying for the funeral expenses. For some, this means using savings or going into debt because of it.

Final expense insurance is insurance coverage that helps cover the costs of funeral expenses. By taking care of it beforehand, the family will not have to worry about being stressed financially. To help with the process, Investors Heritage uses a specific claim form that is designed for funeral directors so that the payment will be received efficiently, simply, and quickly.

Investors Heritage Financial Institution Market

The financial institution market deals with accident and health products, commercial loan products, mortgage protection, and credit life. Accident & health insurance can help cover expenses that are not fully covered by your primary health insurance.

If you are in an accident, at either work or elsewhere, accident insurance will cover medical as well as non- medical expenses. It covers hospital and medical bills that your insurance doesn’t fully cover as well as daily expenses like childcare, transportation, groceries, and etcetera.

If you own a home there may be the possibility that you will not be able to cover the mortgage if something were to cause an economic hardship, such as disability, death, or unemployment. Mortgage insurance is a product from Investors Heritage that offers protection by covering your mortgage if something unfortunate and unexpected occurs.

Commercial loan insurance also helps you if you have a loan on a commercial property and are unable to pay it due to an unexpected economic hardship.

Investors Heritage Life Insurance Market

The life insurance market through Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company includes both term life insurance and annuities. Annuities can be used for a number of things including protection of retirement funds, the accumulation of wealth, or for the transfer of wealth.

Annuities may be a good choice for you if you are contributing the maximum amount to your IRA or qualified plan, prefer to pay the taxes later on, like an interest rate that is a minimum guaranteed, or are comfortable that your won’t need any extra money in the immediate future.

Annuities provide liquidity, growth that is tax- deferred to a later date, income options, and a death benefit that actually bypasses probate costs and delays.

Investors Heritage also offers term life insurance. Term life insurance is life insurance that provides death protection for a term, or stated time period. It is a simple form of insurance that is good for those on a budget. They have adjustable premiums, are renewable (although the premium usually rises), and they may be able to be converted to a policy for permanent life insurance at any time.

Give Investors Heritage a call to find out more information about their variety of products.

If you would like to search for health insurance right now, just enter your zip code below and you will be able to compare health insurance rates for a number of companies.

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