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Investors Consolidated Health Insurance Company

This Investors Consolidated Health Insurance Company Review will discuss the company known as Investors Consolidated Insurance Company, which is a part of Manhattan Insurance Group. Investors Consolidated Insurance Company provides specialty products. The products include payroll deduction products such as specialty accident, life, and health insurance.

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Investors Consolidated Insurance Company Locations

Investors Consolidated is based out of Houston, Texas. The corporate address is:

2727 Allen Parkway Wortham Tower, Ste 500
Houston, TX, 77019- 2115
Phone number: 713-529-0045
Fax number: 713-529-9425

For life and health administration:

PO Box 925068
Houston, TX, 77292- 5068

For claims processing:

PO Box 925309
Houston, TX, 77292- 5309

For general correspondence:

PO Box 925989
Houston, TX, 77292- 5989

Premium processing:

PO Box 925688
Houston, TX, 77292- 5688

For new business and the Medicare Supplement Division:

10700 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX, 77092

To reach different areas of Manhattan Insurance Group:

Health customer service: 1-800-669-9030
Life customer service: 1-888-222-0843
Marketing: 1-888-441-0770
Family Life Medicare supplement: 1-800-877-7703
Family Life Life Insurance: 1-800-877-7705

Investors Consolidated Insurance Company and Manhattan Insurance

Investors Consolidated is a part of Manhattan Insurance Group, also known as MIG. The Manhattan Insurance Group is made up of four health and life insurance companies, including Investors Consolidated Insurance Company. The four companies offer a wide variety of health and life products and, combined, are licensed in every state. The companies also offer reinsurance facilities.

Manhattan Life Insurance Company is one of the companies of Manhattan Insurance Group and offers contributory and voluntary worksite products in North America and life products throughout Central America, Asia, and South America.

Central United Life Insurance Company is another company of Manhattan Insurance. Central United provides health, life, and accident insurance and has been doing so for over 20 years. The worksite strategy of Central United is to offer products that meet the demands of today’s sophisticated policyholder.

Family Life Insurance Company provides life insurance for mortgage protection along with additional coverages. The products from Family Life are available in North America and South America and are offered in both Spanish and English.

Investors Consolidated Insurance Company Products

Investors Consolidated focuses mostly on specialty products. They offer specialty accident and life insurance products. They also offer specialty health products, which include guaranteed renewable cancer, accident, hospital supplement, and short-term disability insurance.

The health insurance products offered by Investors Consolidated can help cover medical expenses that your primary health insurance does not cover. The hospital supplement helps cover expenses over and above what your other insurance pays.

Accident insurance means that you receive money if you are in an accident, which can not only help with medical expenses but can also help cover expenses of daily life such as groceries, the mortgage, transportation, and day care.

The guaranteed renewable cancer insurance helps cover expenses that your primary health insurance policy does not cover such as outpatient and inpatient cancer treatments, hospital stays, and doctor bills, as well as transportation, childcare, groceries, and more. Cancer insurance can be purchased by individuals and families and it is renewable for the length of your life.

Investors Consolidated Insurance Company Agents

The agents that work for Investors Consolidated Insurance and Manhattan Insurance Group provide insurance products as well as service. Agents work on sales for both individuals and worksites and have a variety of high quality products to offer at affordable rates.

There are different contracts for agents in the company. There is the general agent, managing general agent, and producer. The general agent offers knowledge about specific products as well as sales support. The general agent does limited personal production and recruiting as well as limited enrollment and administration.

The managing general agent manages and recruits distribution, provides the infrastructure to sell, service, and enroll business as well as provides training. The producer is the person who has the actual business contact.

No matter which agent you are, there are no restrictions in regards to your recruiting territory.

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