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Integon National Health Insurance Company

Integon National Health Insurance Company owns ten well-known subsidiaries, including GMAC Insurance. Because Integon National Health Insurance Company is the underwriter, GMAC Insurance was reviewed instead. Around since the late 1980s, Integon National Health Insurance Company offers insurance products that range from RV coverage to Medigap plans.

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GMAC Insurance is one of the most well known insurance companies in the US. GMAC Insurance is also associated with the General Motors Company, which has helped it to strengthen its relationship with new vehicle buyers. Commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and rare cars are also insured by GMAC Insurance. GMAC Insurance is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

GMAC Insurance Company Products

While GMAC Insurance’s most popular insurance plans have been designed to appeal to homeowners and car drivers, the company also offers Medicare supplementary insurance products. These products are sold by State Mutual Insurance Company and GMAC Insurance. Because Medicare recipients are usually elderly and live on fixed incomes, the Medicare supplementary products offered by GMAC Insurance are very affordable.

Medicare supplementary insurance and Medigap plans help to pay doctor’s visit co-pays as well as for prescription drugs. Buyers are able to sign up for the level of coverage that they feel is adequate. In order to purchase a plan, Medicare recipients are required to go through the GMAC Insurance online quote portal.

GMAC Insurance Company Contact Information

The primary mailing address for GMAC Insurance is:

GMAC Insurance
P.O. Box 3199
Winston-Salem, NC 27102

Customer service agents are available by phone from Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 10:30PM. On the weekends, customers can call from 8:00AM to 9:30PM. The main phone number for Internet customers is 1-800-325-1190. Customers that have purchased GMAC Insurance coverage through an independent insurance agent will need to call 1-877-468-3466.

GMAC Insurance Company Insurance Agents

Insurance agents that want to offer GMAC Insurance products to their clients will need to fill out an application on the web. Generally, GMAC Insurance only approves established insurance agencies. A background check and information about sales has to be completed before GMAC Insurance will approve an application.

GMAC Insurance also employs in-house insurance agents. These agents are hired directly by GMAC Insurance where they work from a set location or go on the road and service clients as needed.

GMAC Insurance Company Career Opportunities

Because GMAC Insurance has multiple locations all over the US, the company is constantly hiring. Customer service agents are considered entry level. All employees of GMAC Insurance are eligible for health insurance benefits, paid vacation time, and have the option of advancing their careers. All applicants are required to fill out an online application in order to be considered for an open position.

Open positions are filled rapidly; however, interested applicants can register on the GMAC Insurance job portal in order to be considered for future openings. In addition to a standard application form, resumes, CVs, and cover letters can be uploaded.

GMAC Insurance Company Quotes

There are several different ways that consumers can get GMAC Insurance quotes. The easiest method involves using the online quote system. After filling out the primary questions, insurance shoppers are able to compare rates and see the features offered on each product. Changes can be made until the consumer is satisfied with the quotes listed.

Those that prefer to get quotes over the phone are able to call one of GMAC Insurance’s customer service phone numbers. The rates received will be the same; however, consumers will be able to ask more questions. All GMAC Insurance customers are able to go online to review the details of their policies. Lastly, quotes for GMAC Insurance products can also be obtained by visiting with an insurance agent.

GMAC Insurance Company Reviews

Numerous complaints on GMAC Insurance were found online. Most complaints revolved around billing and unethical sales practices. It appears that an equal number of dissatisfied customers and happy clients posted their reviews. Some clients were not able to get the rates that they were promised while others say that their premiums increased without warning. Others said that they were unable to get their claims approved or cancel their policies for several months.

It is worth noting that most of the complaints were generated by customers who purchased their policies from independent insurance agents. In addition, most of the unhappy customers purchased auto policies. Of the good reviews listed, many customers reported that they were able to get low rates and additional discounts. Because GMAC Insurance offers many different insurance plans, bundled policies help to save consumers the most money.

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