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Instil Health Insurance Company

The Instil Health Insurance Company is divided into two subdivisions. TRICARE Healthcare Services works with government agencies to administer health care services to military enlistees. Instil Health Medicare Advantage sells Medicare supplementary insurance.

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Instil Health Insurance Company was an independently owned company until 2003, when it became a subdiary of BlueCross BlueShield. TRICARE Healthcare Services operates in South Carolina, while Instil Health Medicare Advantage was discontinued in 2009. Instil Health Medicare Advantage members may still get information on their policies, however, the time period for submitting claims has expired.

Instil Health Insurance Company Locations

Policyholders can get in contact with Instil Health Insurance at:

InStil Health Insurance
17 Technology Circle
Columbia, SC 29202

The customer care phone number for Instil Health Insurance is 1-800-444-5445. There is also an online portal available for existing customers that want to make changes to their policies or contact information.

Instil Health Insurance Company Insurance Products

Because Medicare supplementary insurance is no longer offered, only enrolled servicemen living in South Carolina are able to get coverage. Listed on the website are all of the health service centers that policyholders are able to visit. There are also programs available for retired members of the military that want to mental health care.

Humana or BlueCross BlueShield underwrites all of the medical services provided by Instil Health Insurance Company. In addition to medical insurance, Instil Health Insurance Company also employs doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. The Instil Health Insurance Company oversees all operations at its TRICARE HealthCare Services locations in South Carolina.

Instil Health Insurance Company Claims Process

All Instil Health Insurance Company claims are processed over the web. Because many Instil Health Insurance customers also have supplementary coverage, claims must be submitted in order to determine which company is responsible for paying.

Patients are not required to submit their own claims. Instead, the doctors providing care at TRICARE HealthCare Services locations must fill out all appropriate paperwork. There is a phone number provided on the website so that the status of all claims can be checked on periodically.

Instil Health Insurance Company Quotes

Because Instil Health Insurance is contracted by the government, there is no way to get a quote online. Only enlisted soldiers living in South Carolina will be able to get information on rates. It also appears that there are no insurance agents employed by the Instil Health Insurance Company.

Instil Health Insurance has a partnership with both Humana and BlueCross BlueShield. Consumers that want to find information on quotes may be able to go through these two insurance companies instead.

Instil Health Insurance Company Customer Service

Instil Health Insurance Company provides much of its customer services directly through its TRICARE HealthCare Services locations. The company’s network of health care professionals provide medical services as well as information on coverage in South Carolina. Beneficiaries that want to get information on the web are able to log onto the Instil Health Insurance Company website and login to their accounts.

There is also a phone number available for Instil Health Insurance Company customers, however, no hours of operation are indicated. Policyholders may be able to get contact information for more personalized care by getting in contact with their commanding officers.

Instil Health Insurance Company Reviews

According to the Better Business Bureau, only one complaint was lodged against Instil Health Insurance Company in the last three years. Press releases from the company indicate that it is dedicated to complying with changes in health care laws while simultaneously providing its customers with a high level of customer service.

In order to keep its government contract, the Instil Health Insurance Company must care for every enlisted and retired service member that walks into its TRICARE HealthCare Services centers. Extensive online research indicates that most customers are satisfied.

Instil Health Insurance Company Careers

No information was found on careers offered by Instil Health Insurance Company via its website. Anyone looking to start a career at Instil Health Insurance Company will need to go through BlueCross BlueShield. Because BlueCross BlueShield owns the Instil Health Insurance Company, it is directly in control of all hiring. Benefits such as paid sick time, a retirement savings program and travel reimbursement are offered by BlueCross BlueShield. It is not known if BlueCross BlueShield transfers existing employees to its Instil Health Insurance Company subsidiary, or if the company hires South Carolina residents to work at its TRICARE HealthCare Services centers.

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