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Industrial Alliance Pacific Health Insurance Company

A review of the Industrial Alliance Pacific Health Insurance Company finds Industrial Alliance Pacific Insurance and Financial Services Inc., a subsidiary of Canadian health and insurance company Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services. Industrial Alliance (IA) conducts its U.S. business through Industrial Alliance Pacific (IAP).

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In 2007, IAP located its U.S.-based office in Scottsdale, Arizona. The next year, the company bought United Family Life and changed its name to IA American Life Insurance Company. In 2010, IA American expanded its footprint in the United States through the acquisitions of Arizona-based Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company and Texas-based American Amicable Life Insurance Company.

It is hard to differentiate whether, after this series of mergers and acquisitions, Industrial Alliance Pacific and IA American Life Insurance Company operate in conjunction, or as one single entity. For purposes of this review, we will write about Industrial Alliance American along with Industrial Alliance Pacific.

Industrial Alliance Pacific and American Contact Information

Policyholders who need to submit claims or other material, can mail them to:

IA American/AA Service Center
Attn: Customer Service
P.O. Box 2549
Waco, Texas 76702-2549

They can also call toll-free at 1-800-736-7311.

Industrial Alliance Pacific and American Ratings

Industrial Alliance as a corporation has received a financial strength rating of “A” from independent industry rating company, A.M. Best Company. This is an “Excellent” investment grade. It has also received an issuer credit rating of “a+”, as well as a stable outlook. These ratings tell you whether an insurance company can meet its ongoing obligations, which include the claims that you, as a policyholder, may have to file. You only want to sign with a company that can pay out on its claims.

Industrial Alliance Pacific and American Products

Although the companies are licensed to sell health insurance products, they currently only offer universal life insurance coverage and annuities. The universal life insurance policy, called SecureLife Plus, offers both a life and a death benefit. If you should die, your beneficiaries will receive financial protection to help pay expenses ranging from funeral costs to monthly bills. While you’re alive, the policy acts as a savings account from which you can withdraw money (although it does lower your death benefit).

SecureLife Plus offers many choices, so you should speak to your insurance agent about the policy. It features flexible payments, and a “no-lapse” guarantee for up to twenty years, so long as you always pay the minimum premium amount.

Annuities are an investment vehicle that you should thoroughly research, either on your own or with the help of a financial and/or tax advisor. They help provide income on a set schedule, over a pre-determined amount of time. Industrial Alliance Pacific and Industrial Alliance American offer many different annuities that my fit your needs. These include:

  • Charter Annuity Advantage
  • Freedom Flex I
  • Freedom Flex Index
  • GoldenFlex X Annuity
  • GoldenPlus Index Annuity

Industrial Alliance Pacific and American Quotes

Industrial Alliance Pacific and Industrial Alliance American sell their insurance and annuities through independent agents and financial advisers. They do not have an online quote tool, or an online “find an agent” tool. You may try to contact them through their web form or email to find a local agent who sells their products.

Industrial Alliance Pacific and American Careers

Industrial Alliance Pacific’s website has a “Careers” link where you can search through current job openings. However, at the time of this writing, there were no positions available in the United States. By going through the company’s parent, Industrial Alliance, you will be able to find jobs available there, or with any of its other subsidiaries in Canada. There are also programs for new graduates and students, as well as internships.

The website also has the capability to set up a “Job Match” service, whereby you save a search for particular keywords. Then, when a job opening is posted that contains your keywords, you’ll receive and email notification and be able to apply right away.

Industrial Alliance offers a comprehensive benefits package to all of it employees, regardless of which division they work in. This includes:

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Dental coverage
  • Prescription drug plan
  • Disability benefits
  • Retirement plan
  • Performance incentive programs
  • Company share ownership plan

IA also gives its employees preferred rates on the company’s own financial and insurance products.

Unfortunately, Industrial Alliance only offers health insurance in Canada. If you’re looking for health insurance coverage in the United States, enter your zip code in the free toolbox below and we’ll quickly supply you with a list of health insurance rates from local insurance companies.

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