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How to Buy Affordable Health Insurance

buy affordable health insuranceWith rising medical costs, finding affordable health insurance plans can be difficult, but there are ways to lower your health insurance costs. Health insurance is one of those necessary evils. It is hard to part with the premiums every month, but if you have a health issue or an emergency, having health insurance is invaluable.

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There are a number of affordable health insurance plans on the market, but you have to see if they cover everything you need . You will be getting less coverage with the majority of cheaper plans so you really need to evaluate what your insurance needs and wants are.

Determine Your Healthcare Needs

Before you even begin looking for health insurance plans, you need to sit down and figure out what you and your family’s needs are in terms of health care. If you are a healthy individual who hardly ever goes to the doctor, your insurance requirements will be different than if you have a family with young kids who may be likely to stick beans up their nose or fall off their bicycle.

Determining what your needs are in terms of health insurance will help you save time once you start your search.

You will have a much better chance of finding a budget friendly health plan if your needs are pretty basic. While there are some low cost health insurance options, they may not be right for you. If you decide that you need health insurance that will cover every skinned knee and high fever, the chances of finding a low cost policy are slim.

Explore Group Health Coverage

The best way to get affordable health insurance is to get group health insurance coverage. This is usually available through your employer. If you work for a company and have not yet inquired about group health insurance coverage, check with the human resources department to see if any programs are offered.

Because all or a portion of your health insurance is covered by your employer, it is often the most affordable way to get good health coverage. If your employer does not offer insurance or if you are self or unemployed, there are other options for group health insurance coverage.

If you are married, check to see if your spouse has family benefits available through his or her plan. It may cost you a bit more but it still is usually cheaper than buying it on your own. If you are a part of an organization, inquire as to whether there are group insurance benefits available. If you are unable to find a source for group health insurance, you will need to start searching for individual health insurance.

Affordable Individual Health Insurance

Individual insurance is the most expensive health insurance available. The most affordable individual health insurance plans are the basic plans or major medical policies. These will cover you if you are in an emergency situation or life threatening accident.

With a major medical policy there is normally a high deductible. This means that, even before your insurance policy starts paying out, you will need to pay for the deductible yourself.

Although these high deductible health insurance plans may be more affordable on a monthly basis, they are quite expensive if you actually need to use them extensively.

You can look for these individual plans a number of ways. You can use a health insurance agent or broker or do your own online search. If you are unfamiliar with health insurance terms and how it works it may be a better idea to use another person to help you, as they can answer all of your questions. Research health insurance companies through A.M. Best to make sure their financial outlook is healthy too!

Other Affordable Health Insurance Options

affordable health insurance If you have researched individual health plans and can’t find any to fit your budget, you may be eligible for government sponsored plans. Both the federal and your state governments offer programs to assist with the healthcare of those who can’t afford it otherwise.

Medicare is the best known insurance plan sponsored by the government, but there are a number of other options. Medicaid is a popular program that helps underprivileged individuals. There are a number of programs for children whose parents or guardians cannot afford insurance.

If you are a part of the military or are of Native American heritage, there are health insurance programs available to help you. For a list of the multiple programs sponsored by the government, go to the website of the Insurance Information Institute.

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