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Are there any low cost health insurance options?

young family of four seeks low cost health insuranceThankfully, many low cost health insurance options out there will help you get protection for yourself, as well as any dependents. How low that cost is depends upon how much coverage you want, as well as personal factors such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Health condition
  • Whether you use tobacco products

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Other factors in the cost of your health insurance coverage is how much you’re willing to pay out-of-pocket, how much for your deductible, and how much for your policy premium. For instance, some insurance policies require you to pay for:

  • Doctor checkups
  • Immunizations
  • Blood work
  • Other medical visits and procedures

Then, once you hit your deductible amount, the insurance company will pay all, or a percentage, of any other health care through the end of the year.

On the other hand, you may decide on a policy that doesn’t have a deductible, but has higher premium payments. In return for the higher rates, you may get access to a wider range of providers and services, or a cheaper price on prescriptions.

Is it better to choose health insurance that has higher premiums or higher deductibles?

As always, only you can decide what the best health insurance policy is for yourself and your family. We recommend that you take some time and create a list of your:

  • Typical annual exams
  • Shots
  • Blood work
  • Office visits

You should also look at your medical records from the previous year to help you determine what services your family needs, as well as what those services cost you.

Consult with your insurance agent to get their recommendations, based on what you’re looking for in a policy. Remember that policies with lower premiums usually have higher co-pays, and vice versa. Low premiums may also mean less coverage, which is fine if you don’t tend to need a doctor that often.

Being honest with yourself as to the type of person you are when it comes to money is important, too. If you’re a steady saver and have built up a nest egg for emergencies, then you can probably do with a lower-premium health insurance policy that might mean a large out-of-pocket expense down the road. However, if you have a hard time saving even pennies, protect yourself up-front from the possibility of any medical crisis. Do this by getting the best health insurance policy that you can afford.

Does the federal government offer any low cost health insurance options?

As you’re probably aware, universal healthcare coverage is a heated topic of debate among different people in the U.S. government. While they work to determine what the future for public healthcare looks like, there are options currently available. If you’re over the age of 65 and not currently covered under another health insurer, you most likely qualify for some sort of Medicare coverage. See the official Medicare website for more information, or contact your local Department of Health and Human Services or AARP chapter.

Depending upon your level of income, there are also low cost and no cost health insurance options that help cover children under the age of 19, as well as some adults. The InsureKidsNow website can connect you to your state’s CHIP and Medicaid programs.

CHIP, which stands for Children’s Health Insurance Program, provides health insurance to uninsured children living in households with low incomes. The allowable income varies depending on how many adults and children are living in the household. Currently, it is $44,100 for a family of four. CHIP coverage is given at either no cost, or at low cost.

Your state may offer CHIP coverage at a different income level, so check to see if you qualify. Additionally, the policies do differ from state to state, but all CHIP policies do include coverage for immunizations, routine well visits and checkups, dental care, hospital visits, lab work, and x-rays.

Is short-term health insurance a viable, low cost coverage for me?

Short-term health insurance is, at its name applies, meant for short-term coverage. If you’re looking for protection for just six months or less, than it may be perfect for your needs. For instance, if you’ve had an offer for a job that will start in a month or two, and just need health coverage until that date.

However, if you don’t have health insurance through your current employer, or aren’t currently employed and have no coverage, than you’ll need more than just a few months worth of coverage.

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