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Horace Mann Health Insurance Company

Horace Mann Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurer founded in 1975 and named after Horace Mann, the well-known educator of the late 1700s. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Horace Mann Education Corp. based in Springfield, Illinois. The company provides auto, property, life, and disability insurance products as well as annuities, mutual fund investments, and college savings plans.

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Horace Mann Insurance Company does not provide direct health insurance policies of any type. The only health-related insurance they carry would be in the form of a disability policy. This type of policy covers the individual against loss of income in the event of illness or accident. It covers both short and long-term disabilities according to a predetermined schedule of coverage. Their disability policies are not available in every state.

Horace Mann Locations and Agents

The Horace Mann Insurance Company is part of a larger group of companies operating in all 50 states. All of their companies are headquartered at the same Springfield address listed below. If you need to contact them directly they do provide individual phone numbers and e-mail addresses for different departments on their website. Their corporate address is:

The Horace Mann Companies
1 Horace Mann Plaza
Springfield, IL 62715

Phone: (217) 789-2500
Toll Free: (800) 999-1030

Horace Mann maintains other regional offices around the country for claims service. In addition they also work with local, independent agents in all 50 states. These agents represent Horace Mann’s insurance and investment vehicles in relation to the types of insurance each agency chooses to provide. You can find an agent in your area by visiting the Horace Mann website and entering your zip code into their agent locator tool. Please note that not every Horace Mann agent carries the entire line of products available from the company.

Horace Mann Claims Service

Like most insurance companies, Horace Mann prides itself on efficient, friendly, and helpful claims service. They have various regional claims centers located throughout the United States, all with toll-free telephone numbers and e-mail entrances. To begin the claims process policyholders have three options from which to choose.

The first option is to contact the regional claims center using the information included on the company website. You’ll also find this information on your policy documents. A representative at the regional claims center will acquire the appropriate information from you and proceed to file your claim. If you have an online account, you can track the progress of your claim by logging in. Regional claims representatives can also track your claim if you prefer that method.

The second option is to contact your local agent who can begin the claims process for you. Ultimately, though, even if you contact a local agent, you will still have to deal directly with Horace Mann at some point.

The third option, which is the least favorable, is to fill out and submit an online form via the company website. After reviewing your initial claim form, a representative will contact you to verify the information and move it to the next step of the process.

Horace Mann Customer Service

Being that the company was formed by educators for educators, it is no surprise that the corporate website includes a section they call the Teachers Lounge. In this section, the company offers a list of services directed at teachers. From a fellowship program to an educator advisory panel, Horace Mann Educators Corp. is committed to furthering the careers and personal development of America’s teachers.

Horace Mann Careers

Horace Mann Insurance Company offers employment in three areas. The first is by way of becoming an independent agent representing them and their products. In order to do so agents must complete an application and submit it to the company for review. Upon acceptance of the agent will be given full access to all tools and resources to effectively sell and service Horace Mann policies.

The other two options involve being employed by the company directly or working as an intern. The careers link on the corporate website provides details about both of these opportunities including descriptions, benefits, and links to appropriate resources. They provide a searchable database where interested candidates can look for job openings and internships. Each posting comes with its own description and set of instructions for application.

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2 Comments to “Horace Mann Health Insurance Company”

  1. Joyce Presler says:

    “We chose Horace Mann because of their rates – which initially were quite good for our area. In one year our earthquake insurance doubled (a reassessment) in year two our car insurance went up 35% – with no tickets or accidents. When we called to ask why they told us that we moved up in our mileage – when in fact we had submitted the mileage update they requested and it was no higher than the last year.

    The customer rep then told us they don’t go by the mileage figure we are required to send them – they go by Carfacts (spelling). I asked why, if they would not believe us, they demanded the mileage update from us – and then assumed we were lying. She got very huffy and stammered – and basically had no answer.

    Their rates may be somewhat lower initially, but they are dishonest and rude – our agent is so difficult to get along with my husband refuses to contact her. We are looking into other carriers because if they act like this now, what will they do if we ever have a claim.”

  2. Scott says:

    “Just don’t do it. Just don’t sign up with Horace Mann.

    I filed a claim… and got cancelled. They are happy to take your payment, but if you use your coverage, you get dropped.”


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