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Healthy Alliance Health Insurance Company

A review of the Healthy Alliance Health Insurance Company leads to Health Alliance and My Healthy Alliance. Health Alliance is the health insurance company and My Healthy Alliance is the customer access and information branch of the company. Health Alliance serves clients in both Illinois and Iowa.

If you are looking for a personal health insurance plan for yourself and your family, enter your zip code in the box now to receive rates and quotes from several top companies.

Health Alliance began small in the heart of Illinois and has since expanded throughout the entire state as well as into the state of Iowa. There are currently over 330,000 members across the two states that exclusively used Health Alliance as their health insurance company. Health Alliance offers both individual and corporate health insurance plans.

Health Alliance Individual Plans

Health Alliance offers a variety of products including:

  • Individual plans
  • Employer group plans
  • Medicare plans
  • Pharmacy options
  • Preexisting condition plans

The individual plans are designed for people who do not have a health care plan option through their job yet do not qualify for any health care benefits through the state. These people are often stuck in the middle and need affordable, quality health insurance.

Health Alliance offers many different types of individual plans but one of their most popular categories is their short-term plans. These plans are for individuals who are in a life transition. The transition could be because they are in between jobs, leaving college and entering the work force, getting married, getting divorced, or moving to a different state or country. Short-term plans can be 30 days up to 11 months.

The Health Alliance Qualified High-Deductible Health Plan (QHDHP) is also chosen by many members as their health care plan or choice. The QHDHP is the plan with the lowest monthly premium amount. This may seem like a good choice because of the low premium, but it also comes with a high deductible. It is good for individuals who have enough money in savings or through their income to pay for a high deductible.

Comprehensive health insurance plans cover most major medical expenses as well as wellness checks and preventative medical measures. These types of plans are ideal for families with children or anyone that has a medical condition that requires regular treatment. Health Alliance has a variety of PPO and HMO comprehensive health insurance plans from which to choose.

Health Alliance Employee Group Plans

Health Alliance offers the widest variety of employee group plans of any health insurance carrier in Illinois or Iowa. They believe that more options mean more opportunities for employers to give their employees the benefits they deserve without causing financial setbacks for the company. Health Alliance agents work one on one with the human resources department of a company to find out what they can afford and what they want to offer to their employees.

Health Alliance has two HMO plans. One plan with no deductible making it the most beneficial to employees and one with a deductible that can be set high or low according to the employee’s needs. They also offer two POS plans, which provide the option of using in or out of network physicians. POS plans have coverage amounts that are determined at the point of sale.

Health Alliance’s PPO plan allows members to choose any physician they want, but it comes with higher deductibles in exchange for this privilege. The CCP plan combines features of both the PPO and HMO plans so there is a lot of flexibility. Lastly, Health Alliance offers two different types of high deductible plans that save both the employer and employee money.

Health Alliance Medicare Plans

Health Alliance offers three different types of Medicare plans for seniors. The first plan is a PPO or HMO option. This is for seniors who need the maximum amount of coverage available through their Medicare benefits either due to illnesses, medications, or fixed income amounts.

The next option is the Medicare Supplement. This is for seniors who have the basics covered through Medicare but still need to fill in the gaps in coverage with a supplemental program. The last option is a pharmacy only plan. This is for individuals who have higher personal income or pension type medical benefits and only need additional coverage for prescription drugs.

If you are looking for a personal health insurance plan for yourself and your family, enter your zip code in the box now to receive rates and quotes from several top companies.

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