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HealthShield National Insurance Company Health Insurance

This health insurance review is for the HealthShield National Insurance Company based in the United Kingdom. As one of the United Kingdom’s largest providers of cash back health insurance, HealthShield National Insurance Company provides reimbursement for clients who require medical treatment. HealthShield prides itself on providing reimbursement to patients who make claims within two business days of the medical service provided.

HealthShield National Insurance Company has 10 principles of business conduct that is the backbone of the company and the services they provide to their customers. The principles include:

  • Putting the customer first
  • Making sure HealthShield has identified the customers need
  • Created products that meet the needs
  • Employ a non-commissioned workforce
  • Be up front with all actions
  • Be consistent and responsive to customers
  • Listen
  • Keep customers informed of any changes to policies or changes in products
  • Apply the golden rule when dealing with customers
  • Respond to complaints promptly and fairly

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HealthShield National Insurance Company’s main focus is to provide coverage to individuals who have regular medical costs including health and wellness programs, dental coverage and vision coverage. HealthShield National Insurance Company only provides coverage for patients based in the United Kingdom, there, individuals from the United States must contact another insurance carrier for coverage or more information.

HealthShield National Insurance Company Health Insurance Locations

The main corporate office for HealthShield National Insurance Company is located in the United Kingdom at Electra Way in the Crewe Business Park in Cheshire. The main phone number is 44-01270-588555 and the main email contact is [email protected]. HealthShield National Insurance Company also has direct phone numbers for several of its departments, including membership, claims, account information, as well as a family care helpline and a corporate fitness line. HealthShield National Insurance Company is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

HealthShield National Insurance Company Health Insurance Products

HealthShield National Insurance Company offers nine different insurance products, ranging from direct individual health coverage plans and corporate health coverage plans to flex benefit plans. HealthShield offers different levels of cash back insurance coverage that range in cost from £10.50 per month for basic individual coverage to £132.00 per month for the most comprehensive family coverage including coverage for all dependent children.

The nine insurance products are broken down into four separate categories:

  • Corporate
  • Tailored and flexible benefits schemes
  • Essentials plan

HealthShield National Insurance Company Health Insurance Services

The majority of HealthShield National Insurance Company coverage plans will reimburse covered individuals for a wide array of every day health and wellness related services. The customer has the ability to choose the benefits that are covered, and whether or not the spouse/partner and dependent children are also covered. The claims limits are valid for the entire calendar year, and are reset each year on January 1st. While individual coverage is available to anyone who is 16 or older, dependents up to 18 can be covered by their parents’ plans. In some select cases, HealthShield National Insurance Company also is able to cover a pre-existing condition if the customer meets certain criteria. Finally, most coverage’s begin following the day the first payment is received.

HealthShield National Insurance Company will also work with corporations to offer products to employees. The specific coverage or plan can be tailored to each individual employee or offered as a package plan to all employees. HealthShield also works with businesses to help promote a healthy lifestyle among the employees to help reduce medical claims and missed workdays.

HealthShield National Insurance Company Health Insurance Reviews

There are very few reviews on the Internet for HealthShield National Insurance Company. A United Kingdom Insurance review site has two ratings for HealthShield, one that was 0 stars out of 5 stars, and the other was 5 stars out of 5 stars.

HealthShield National Insurance Company Health Insurance Careers

While there is not a listing of available positions open for HealthShield National Insurance Company, there is a link dedicated to intermediaries as well as a page that offers information on how to become a HealthShield intermediary. The responsibility of intermediaries is to help promote the HealthShield products to companies and employees. In order to apply, interested individuals should contact HealthShield by phone or email to [email protected]

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