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Great Midwest Health Insurance Company

Great Midwest Insurance Company is a Houston-based insurance company whose primary function is to write policies for Bunker Hill Underwriters Agency, Inc. Both Great Midwest and Bunker Hill are subsidiaries of another Texas insurance company known as Houston International Insurance Group. Great Midwest has enjoyed an “A” rating from A.M. Best for the last 16 years running. They pride themselves on their conservative approach to both investing and writing policies.

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As a policy writer for Bunker Hill, Great Midwest provides both small and mid-size businesses with a variety of products including:

  • Commercial auto
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Workers compensation coverage

Workers comp is by far their most utilized policy.

Any health insurance from Great Midwest comes by way of workers compensation as supplemental coverage. Great Midwest does not deal in primary health insurance coverage of any kind. For a complete list of their products, you are encouraged to visit the company website.

Great Midwest Office Locations

It appears at this time that Great Midwest only has a single office in Houston, Texas. According to records from the Texas Insurance Department that address is as follows:

Great Midwest Insurance Company
800 Gessner, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77024
Phone: (713) 935-7400
Toll Free: (800) 829-8165

Great Midwest Agents

The Great Midwest website is sparse, to say the least, so it is difficult to say whether or not they utilize local, independent agents. As a writer for Bunker Hill, it is quite likely that they do not use any agents. In fact, it is possible that Great Midwestern does not directly interact with any customers at all. Bunker Hill may handle customer relations while Great Midwest simply writes the policies. If this were the case, there would be no need for dedicated Great Midwest agents.

Insurance companies that use independent agents usually do so as a means of providing a more personalized service. Although this is a model used extensively in the insurance industry, it is not necessary to do so. Many companies prefer a direct-to-customer approach, which eliminates the need for agents. More likely than not, Great Midwestern and its sister companies prefer the direct-to-customer model.

Great Midwest Claims

Because Great Midwestern’s primary business revolves around workers compensation, they have a very specific claims service that needs to be followed to the letter. Making a claim begins by contacting the company via a toll-free number provided on their website. The same number is probably available in your policy documents as well. The company requests that you provide them with detailed information about the worker, the accident in question, and a person to contact at the company or institution where the accident occurred.

Workers compensation law tightly regulates how insurance companies deal with these types of claims. Therefore, it is important for the customer to contact Great Midwest as soon as possible after an accident. Policyholders are further encouraged to report any incident even if it seems too minor to be covered.

It is always possible for a worker to initially decide not to make a claim after a minor incident, only to turn around on the advice of a lawyer and file a claim later. Great Midwest needs to be kept apprised of even the most minor accidents specifically for this reason.

Great Midwest Financial Details

According to the company website, Great Midwest enjoys and A.M. Best rating of “A” which was last reaffirmed in June 2010. The “A” rating indicates that the company is in good financial shape and able to meet all financial obligations. It is also a reflection on Great Midwest’s conservative investment approach. Companies like A.M. Best prefer to see a fair number of assets along with strategic investments to help encourage both stability and growth. Great Midwest seems to fit the bill on both counts.

Insurance records from the state of Texas indicate that Great Midwest finished the year in 2010 in good financial health. Those records show the company reporting assets off $45.6 million, a $30.8 million policy surplus, and just over $3 million in assets. For a company whose primary role is writing workers compensation policies, these numbers are rather impressive. This is especially true when you consider that dozens of similar companies have gone out of business in the last couple of years due to an overwhelming number of claims.

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