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Grand Court Order of Calanthe Health Insurance Company

The Grand Court Order of Calanthe is a black Fraternal Order based in Texas. It currently has 12,000 members across the state of Texas and is a member of the National Fraternal Congress of America. The Grand Court Order of Calanthe, although open to men, women, and children, was developed as a women’s counterpart to the Knight’s of Pythias. It offers life insurance benefits to its members, but does not appear to offer any other types of insurance, including health insurance.

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Grand Court Order of Calanthe History

The Grand Court Order of Calanthe was founded in Houston in 1897 when black Americans were in need of burial insurance. For an affordable annual membership fee, members were provided with support when they needed it. By 1902, the group officially became a fraternal benefit society in order to offer members increased death benefits, improve member services, and offer to improve the community through various service projects. In 1907, a juvenile division was organized to help support youth projects in the community.

Today the Grand Order of Calanthe is led by President Grace Ellis and Manager Bayonne Moody and has a strong presence in communities across Texas. It promotes benevolence, charity, and fraternity, as well as, fidelity, harmony, and love for each other. The Order organizes youth groups such as bell choirs and dance troops. They participate in community service projects and benefits throughout the area and organize member outings and get-togethers. Several life insurance plans are available to all members.

Grand Court Order of Calanthe Insurance Products

The Grand Court Order of Calanthe offers several life insurance products. They do not offer any other forms of insurance to anyone, including members. Descriptions of these life insurance products are not written in English on their website so very little useful information could be located. The following Life insurance products are available:

Whole Life Insurance is insurance that remains in effect for an individual’s entire life span. Whole Life products include:

  • General Whole Life
  • 20 Pay Whole Life
  • Whole Life paid at age 65

Term Life Insurance is insurance that only covers an individual for a fixed period of time and then expires unless the term is extended. Term Life products include:

  • Term to age 18
  • Term to age 95

Juvenile Life Insurance, which includes:

  • Term to age 95

Grand Court Order of Calanthe Contact Information

The Grand Court Order of Calanthe has their home office located in Houston, Texas. The building was constructed here in 1948 and continues to house the executive offices for the organization. If you wish to contact the Order to find out more information about membership or its insurance products they can be contacted via mail, phone, or fax.

2411 Dowling St.
Houston, TX 77004-1407
Phone Number: (713) 659-7736
Fax Number: (713) 659-5171

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One Comment to “Grand Court Order of Calanthe Health Insurance Company”

  1. Audrey Childs says:

    Hello, How may I get in touch with the persons who hold the history of this organization? I just learned through a genealogy website newspaper announcement of her death, that my great grandmother, Emma Lula Gary Cherry, held the office of Grand Worthy Conductress of the Grand Court, Order of Calanthe, and was \”one of the most energetic members\”. Needless to say, I\’m very excited about this, and would like to know if this organization has any more history wherein her name was mentioned. She was born in Virginia in 1870, and died on May 6, 1919. She also held high office in the Daughter Elks. I hope to hear from someone soon!


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