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Fringe Benefit Health Insurance Company

Fringe Benefits Group is a provider of healthcare insurance coverage, but not in the way we would normally expect. Rather than offering insurance policies to any individuals or businesses who want them, Fringe Benefits Group specializes in a very specific type of employer. Roughly, 30 years ago the company pioneered health care coverage for government workers under the Davis-Bacon Act. They have since expanded to include the same coverage for workers under the Service Contract Act.

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The specific type of workers covered under Fringe Benefit policies is important to the extent that the company does not cover all government employees. The two Acts specifically mentioned earlier have to do with legislation detailing government contracts awarded to private contractors.

Both pieces of legislation deal with, among other things, the idea of prevailing wages in whatever locality government contracts are fulfilled. The complexity of prevailing wage principles requires an insurance company with intimate knowledge of the law in order to provide comprehensive health care coverage.

Fringe Benefits Products

Fringe Benefits Group bills itself as being a one-stop source for benefits packages aimed at hourly workers. In addition to health insurance, dental and vision packages, and life insurance, the company also provides a number of retirement packages. All products are offered at both the contractor level and at the corporate level.

Plans for contractors cover small business owners and their employees at a competitive price. Their corporate plans, also known as Framework plans, are designed to be offered through larger groups like trade associations and unions.

With the exception of life insurance policies, all Fringe Benefits Group products are tailored to comply with the prevailing wage regulations. That means individual policies will differ from one state to the next, and even from one municipality to another. Since prevailing wage regulations vary so drastically across the country, making sure benefits packages meet the requirements is a task requiring special knowledge possessed by companies like Fringe Benefits Group.

Fringe Benefits Group Offices

Fringe Benefits Group operates its headquarters in Austin, Texas. They also maintain six regional offices scattered around the country. The business is divided into two categories as mentioned earlier: Davis-Bacon and Service Contract. Their Davis-Bacon business is further subdivided into eight regions while the Service Contract portion is subdivided into three regions.

With the sheer number of offices, the company maintains it would be impossible to list them all here. However, we have listed the information for the corporate headquarters. It is:

Fringe Benefits Group
11910 Volente Road
Austin, TX 78726
Phone: (800) 328-1519

Fringe Benefits Group Agents

The complexity of prevailing wage benefits packages dictates that Fringe Benefits Group work directly with customers rather than through independent agents. While independent agents do possess a vast body of knowledge regarding the insurance industry, that knowledge is usually generic in scope. The details involved in administering benefit based on government contracts are far too complex for a general insurance agent to handle properly. For this reason, Fringe Benefits Group utilizes a standard direct-to-customer model.

This business model also suggests that individuals will not be able to procure health or life insurance from Fringe Benefits Group without being employed by a member contractor or belonging to one of the groups covered. In other words, you will not be able to simply call the company on the phone and sign up for policy. You must go through your employer or an organization to which you belong.

Fringe Benefits Group Customer Service

The nature of this company’s business also dictates that customer service is not thought of in the same way it is with a traditional insurance company. For Fringe Benefits Group, customer service revolves around making sure all of its member contractors and groups have all the information necessary to offer policies in accordance with the law. It means the company must engage in a tremendous amount of ongoing research in order to make sure everything they do remains in compliance.

The best way to explain customer service in this type of business is to say that it depends less on a 24-hour claims hotline and more on making sure the needs of hourly workers are being met in accordance with the law. It is highly detailed and technical, being proved successful only by mitigating as many problems as possible. Customer service for a company like Fringe Benefits Group is unlike what most other insurance companies have to deal with.

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