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Executive Risk Health Inc. Health Insurance Company

An Executive Risk Health Inc. Health Insurance Company review unfolded a risk management organization that was formed in 1973. This company is located in Warren, NJ and its president is Robert C. Cox. This business manages over 2 billion in assets and market capital.

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Executive Risk Health Inc. is affiliated with Executive Risk Indemnity. There are similar subsidiaries with similar names. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to merge, diversify, and modify the name of the company.

This company works to minimize the risks health insurance facilities and other providers encounter when providing health services. There are several possible liabilities in the healthcare industry as well as others. Although most services providers are highly educated in their field of study or career choices, accidents happen, and mistakes are often made.

Executive Risk Health: Indemnity

Executive Risk Health Indemnity is the official name of the group of Executive Risk subsidiary carriers. Indemnity translates to flexibility in the insurance industry. This flexibility gives its policyholders options to choose whatever health provider they want.

Some agencies or carriers require the member subscriber to fulfill the deductible before requiring a co-pay. Many policies outline some type of parameters or limitations to your choices however. This flexibility does require a few extra dollars in premiums as opposed to see an HMO or PPO.

Executive Risk Health: Insurance Company Managers

Risk management operations are made up of people who are experts in recognizing patterns that take place in different industries. Incidents that happen in increasing numbers create patterns that warrant attention. It is important to the community that patterns are identified to protect repeated mistakes.

An example would be family members who have lost a loved one because of a mistake that could have possibly been avoided file wrongful death suits. These lawsuits can devastate the career of a doctor who is not properly insured. An Executive Risk Indemnity policy may provide doctors and healthcare facilities with the proper coverage.

Executives for others types of industries or businesses have to protect themselves from similar types of lawsuits. Colleagues in business partnerships have to be concerned with the passing of one of the partners. If income is lost because of an illness one of the executive partners face, an executive risk policy may save the day.

The following lists several types of executive policies that cover health care providers as well as other executive types when personal health, partners, workers or a patient’s health issues are present:

  • Errors and omissions
  • General liability
  • Temporary total disability
  • Accidental death or dismemberment
  • Special risk coverage
  • Preventive health and wellness

Accidental death or dismemberment is considered excess coverage in many cases. Therefore, where there is a general liability policy, there may be an adjustment. The accidental death or dismemberment policy may be treated as a supplement or complementary coverage.

Executive Health Risk Manager

Health risk managers are also available to busy executives. These managers are health care providers who perform a thorough health assessment of your current condition. They design a specific preventive health and wellness plan for you. This plan is intended to help you avoid illness while you perform your seemingly endless list of duties.

Your wellness plan also involves nutrition and fitness counseling in addition to coaching related to your personal and executive lifestyle. You will learn how to live a healthy balance while minimizing your stress level. Over 3,000 executives in one state take advantage of this type of insurance.

Executive Risk Health, Inc.: Occupational

Occupational health and safety is an important aspect of high-risk employment. Recent legislation in several areas protects workers from unsafe working conditions. Miners, Ground Zero workers, and people in the following industries are faced with safety hazards daily:

  • Construction workers
  • Oil riggers
  • Active military zones
  • Utility workers
  • Firefighters
  • Police Officers
  • Tree Surgeons
  • Astronauts

Safety and liability are huge issues at the executive meetings related to these industries. Risk management operations like Executive Risk Health Inc. assess the different levels of safety or degrees of errors and actually translate the probability into dollars. These dollars are represented by losses or potential losses.

Executive Risk Health: Long Term Disability

Sometimes errors are unavoidable once the process is started. If an executive needs an extended recovery time due to an illness, and cannot work, long-term disability coverage will ensure a continued paycheck until you are well enough to go back to work. Long-term disability may be purchased as a separate policy or included in an executive risk standard policy.

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