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Employees Mutual Health Insurance Company

This Employees Mutual Health Insurance Company Review looks at WellPoint, one of the world’s largest health insurance company providers. We could not find any current information about Employees Mutual Health Insurance Company. WellPoint writes health insurance coverage through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield moniker (BCBS) for about 30 million people in the United States.

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As the very largest health insurer in the United States, employees at companies of all sizes can probably identify health insurance plans to meet their personal needs (and their employers’ health insurance budget).

WellPoint also provides health insurance plans under the UniCare brand throughout the United States. WellPoint offers individuals and families, employers, and Medicare & Medicaid members a variety of plans:

  • Health maintenance organization (HMO)
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO)
  • Hybrid
  • Indemnity

In addition, WellPoint sells administration services to self-insured companies or groups, along with a variety of specialty insurance coverage.

Keep reading about how employees can save money by purchasing a health insurance group insurance at large providers like WellPoint. Learn about WellPoint to determine if the company’s products and services meet your needs for health insurance.

WellPoint Health Insurance Customer Markets

Companies with 5,000 plus employees are assisted by WellPoint’s National Accounts Team. At least five percent of the company’s eligible employees must work in a state other than the headquarters state location.

Companies with up to 5,000 eligible insured employees are assisted by WellPoint’s Local Group Team. Less than five percent of the company’s eligible insureds work outside of the state headquarters.

Individual employees with a desire for insurance coverage are covered by Wellpoint’s Individual Insurance Accounts Team. Customers (under age 65) and their dependents may apply for health insurance coverage.

Individual employees (above age 65) may apply for health insurance programs offered through the Seniors Group Team. Medicare-eligible persons at age 65 or over (who’ve enrolled in programs like Medicare Advantage) or Medicare Supplement coverage are assisted by WellPoint.

The Federal Employee Program (FEP) Team helps employees of the U.S. government (and their families) to participate in health insurance programs offered by the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Association in partnership with the United States Office of Personnel Management.

The State Sponsored Business Team (SSB) helps members enrolled in state-sponsored managed care programs (such as state children’s health programs and Medicaid managed care alternatives).

The Specialty Products Team assists employees and employers in choosing specialty health insurance products, including:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Behavioral health
  • Disability
  • Life insurance products

The team helps employers and purchasers of health insurance to select products at the lowest cost and efficiency.

The BlueCard team helps members of other Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans outside of the WellPoint network.

WellPoint Health Insurance Products and Solutions

WellPoint wants to help employers and employees to maximize their health insurance dollars by purchasing services within WellPoint’s established relationship network (including doctors, hospitals, and healthcare clinics). Because of the sheer breadth of WellPoint’s relationships, individual employees can take greater control in identifying healthcare solutions. Employers receive greater cost controls while offering employees healthcare products and services.

WellPoint offers employer companies a comprehensive range of products and healthcare solutions, including flexible spending program accounts for employees and administrative services for COBRA health insurance plans and management. WellPoint has the experience and range of products and services to help employers of all types, sizes, and locations.

WellPoint Health Insurance Fraud Management and Administrative Solutions

WellPoint sells administrative services to the U.S. government (including claims processing and fraud prevention/evaluation) for government sponsored Medicare & Medicaid plans. TrustSolutions and Etico, owned subsidiaries of WellPoint, provide these services to federal government clients.

WellPoint Health Insurance Agents

Health insurance premiums represent most of WellPoint’s annual sales. The company primarily offers health insurance plans and programs to small employers and individuals through a national network of approved insurance brokers and agents. National or large accounts are sold and managed by both a proprietary sales team and independent insurance brokers and agencies.

WellPoint Health Insurance Markets

The UniCare subsidiary enables WellPoint’s ability to sell health insurance outside of its primary geographic markets (Midwest United States). UniCare works with employers and individuals throughout the 50 United States. UniCare isn’t a Blue Cross/Blue Shield licensee.

WellPoint operates Blue Cross/Blue Shield subsidiaries in Missouri, Wisconsin, and Kentucky under the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield moniker. Additional subsidiaries include Blue Cross Blue Shield New York and Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia.

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