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Benicorp Health Insurance Company

The Benicorp Health Insurance Company review is a review of the Benicorp Insurance Company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This company is licensed to write insurance in 28 different states.

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Benicorp specialized in small group health insurance plans. In 2007, the Benicorp Insurance Company was liquidated. Because of the liquidation, there is no website or readily available information on the former Benicorp Insurance Company. Upon liquidation, all of the Benicorp Insurance Company policyholders had their health insurance policies taken over by United Healthcare Insurance.

Health Insurance for Individuals

Five common health insurance plans available to individuals and families are a traditional co-pay health insurance plan, a health savings account, a high deductible health insurance plan, a short-term medical insurance plan, and a specially designed health insurance plan for students.

A co-pay based health insurance plan has a set fee for preventative care and office visits when you go to a doctor who is a member of the health insurance plan’s network of doctors. After the plans co-pay is paid, 100 percent of the policyholder’s costs are paid by the insurance plan. Most of the health insurance plans of this type include prescription drug benefits.

A health savings account is a special health insurance option that is a combination of a high deductible and low cost health insurance coverage with a savings account. With a health savings account, the policyholder can deposit the money saved on premiums into the account, use the money saved to pay for health care expenses until the deductible is met, and have any of the money saved in the account that is not spent roll over into the next year and collect interest. With this type of plan, the insurance provider takes on the medical costs after the deductible is paid.

A high deductible health insurance plan is a popular choice for people who prefer to pay a larger deductible up front because they know that after the deductible is paid all of their other medical costs will be paid for by the insurance. With this type of plan, the deductible may be high, but the premium is much lower than other health insurance plans.

Even though the Benicorp Insurance Company is no longer around, it does not mean there are not plenty of excellent companies with great health insurance rates in your area. Enter your zip now!

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