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Auto Club Health Insurance Company

This Auto Club Health Insurance Company review explores Dearborn, Michigan-based Auto Club Insurance Association, a non-profit association that supports the 50 plus member network known to most drivers as “AAA.” Most people with AAA membership know about roadside assistance, but few think about the benefits of Auto Club Health Insurance.

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AAA members may purchase short-term medical insurance and travel insurance, along with group term life insurance, and long term care insurance as group membership rates.

Auto Club Health Insurance Benefits

Many people ask why they need additional short-term travel or trip insurance before going on vacation. If you’re traveling out of the country, check your health insurance policy for details. Most U.S. health insurance policies don’t provide benefits when you’re taking an international vacation. If you need emergency health care while you’re on vacation, including emergency travel assistance to return home, your AAA membership offers travel medical insurance. In addition:

  • The need for immediate surgery, air evacuation, or hospitalization can cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, your current health plan probably won’t pay for medical care outside of the country.
  • A doctor or medical specialist seen on an emergency basis outside of the U.S. or expensive diagnostic services like ultrasound, CAT scan, or MRI, can be very expensive. Miscellaneous costs like an ambulance or airlift by helicopter may be covered by travel medical insurance.
  • Laboratory fees, prescription medicines for emergency medical treatment and hospitalization costs are defrayed by travel medical insurance.
  • Accidental death or dismemberment are covered by a travel medical insurance policy.

Travel medical insurance probably won’t help pay for a health crisis that results from a pre-existing medical condition. Prescription drugs for a pre-existing medical condition that are lost or damaged won’t be replaced by your Auto Club Health Insurance.

Ask your Auto Club about travel medical insurance plans before going on vacation. Non-medical benefits of travel medical insurance include assistance with emergency flight bookings; lost documents; delayed or lost luggage; embassy communications and referrals; and natural disaster (such as hurricane, tornado, or flood) assistance in the event of an evaculation.

Auto Club Short-Term Medical Insurance

If you’ve recently left an employer’s health plan, you may be surprised at the costs of COBRA insurance. Your Auto Club may offer access to short-term medical insurance at affordable group rates. Short-term medical insurance usually offers members with the ability to choose doctors or hospitals; in-hospital or out-patient benefits; and prescription drug payments. You may also have the opportunity to choose the length of contract coverage: some plans allow you to choose from 30 days to a full year.

Choosing a higher deductible per occurrence may make short-term medical insurance more affordable. Deductibles of $250 to $5,000 allow you to choose the short-term medical insurance option that’s best for you. If you or a spouse have another health insurance plan, you may also elect a split coinsurance option (such as a 50/50 split of insurance payments). Most short-term insurance plans have a lifetime maximum benefit.

Auto Club Health Insurance Company Miscellaneous Benefits

Your AAA membership can save you money on prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, health supplies and equipment in some cases. Ask your Auto Club Health Insurance agent for details.

Auto Health Insurance Company Discounts

AAA members have access life insurance (term or whole life), car and homeowners insurance policies, personal umbrella liability coverage, and additional insurance options for valuables. When combined with one or more policies, discounts may apply.

Auto Club Health Insurance Company Contact Information

Write the Auto Club Insurance Association at:

1 Auto Club Drive

Dearborn, MI 48126-4213

Phone number: 313-336-1234

The Auto Club Insurance Association can direct you to regional AAA membership clubs and health insurance offerings available to members in those clubs.

Auto Club Health Insurance Company Agents

The Auto Club Insurance Association serves more than 50 million members. ACIA distributes products and services through its network of about 800 proprietary agents and a national independent insurance broker and agent network.

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