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Ameritas Health Insurance Corporation Health Insurance Company

The Ameritas Health Insurance Corporation Health Insurance Company review is a review of the Ameritas Group. The Ameritas Group offers dental insurance as well as dental and vision insurance coverage. Today, the Ameritas Group has more than 4.8 million policyholders.

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The Ameritas group was founded over thirty years ago and today processes more than 3.6 million claims a year.

Ameritas Group Locations

The main headquarters for the Ameritas Group is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, but each division has its own address.

The group administration division, which handles any administration or billing issues, can be contacted at:
P. O. Box 81889
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
Phone number: 1-800-659-2223.

The group claims division that handles all dental and eye care claims can be contacted at:
P. O. Box 82520
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
Toll free number: 1-800-487-5553
Fax number: 402-467-7336
This department also handles new claims and pre-treatment estimates.

The group business development division of the Ameritas Group focuses on partnering opportunities. The address for this division is:
5900 O Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Phone number: 402-309-2505.

The group licensing division of the Ameritas Group focuses on commissions and producer licensing. The address for this department is:
P. O. Box 81889
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
Toll free phone number: 1-800-659-2223
Fax number: 402-467-7342.

The Ameritas Group also has many group offices scattered throughout the Unites States. Some of these locations include:
2 Harbour Place, 302 Knights Run Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602

12655 North Central Expressway, Suite 910
Dallas Texas 75243

16501 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 600
Encino, California 91436

440 Regency Parkway Drive, Suite 250
Omaha, Nebraska 68114

Ameritas Group Dental Insurance Plans

The Ameritas Group offers many different lines of group dental insurance. These plans include:

  • Traditional plan
  • Managed care and PPO plan
  • Dental rewards plan
  • Value source plan
  • Essential dental plan
  • Ultimate choice plan
  • Small group trust plan
  • Voluntary plan
  • High or low plan
  • ASO plan
  • Dual option plan
  • Sensible choice plan

The traditional group plan is a line of indemnity dental programs. The managed care, or PPO, plan, help the employer to save money on the dental plan by letting them custom tailor the plan to their business’s specific needs. With the dental rewards plan, the employees can increase their annual maximum, which can be used for future visits. The value source plan balances traditional dental benefits and cost controlling features. The fusion plan, also know as the ultimate choice plan, combines dental and eye care in one policy so the employee can choose where to apply the insurance benefits. The essential dental plan is a dental plan that focuses solely on the most basic dental needs. With the voluntary plan, the employee chooses to sign up for coverage and pays the majority of the insurance premium costs. A high or low insurance plan gives the employee the choice between two policies, one with a high premium and the other with a low premium. The dual option dental plan gives the employer the ability to offer their employees two separate benefit plans.

Ameritas Group Eye and Hearing Insurance Plans

The Ameritas Group eye and hearing plans are:

  • Focus plan
  • Vision perfect plan
  • View pointe plan
  • Dual or triple-choice eye care plan
  • Lasik advantage plan
  • Sound care plan

The sound care plan covers hearing exams, hearing aids, and hearing aid maintenance.

The Lasik advantage plan is a vision insurance policy that allows the policyholder to have laser vision correctional procedures. The focus plan comes with the VSP network, a nationwide vision care network. The vision perfect insurance plan has a schedule of benefits so the policyholder always knows what to expect from their policy. The view pointe insurance plan offers a select nationwide network and access to Eyemed vision care. With the dual or triple choice eye care plan the policyholder can choose two or three different plans to fit their needs perfectly.

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