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Advocate Health Insurance Company

A review of Advocate Health Insurance Company leads to a health insurance company that was established in 1991 to serve local families as well as larger businesses. Headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho, the person who founded the company is still the CEO, and even though the policies held by the company have grown, the staff remains small and dedicated to great customer service.

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Advocate Health Insurance Company Overview

Health insurance is a very expensive prospect for many families. Advocate Health Insurance Company strives to offer quality coverage that is affordable to the average American family. Health insurance covers medical expenses such as doctor’s visits, immunizations, emergency room visits, and surgeries as well as prescription medication.

With health insurance comes deductibles and co-pays. While you will pay a monthly premium for your health insurance, you will also pay a deductible and co-pays so this must be factored into your overall budget. Deductibles and co-pays are set based on the type of health insurance policy you choose.

Advocate Health Insurance plans provide financial incentives for preventative measures. For example, Advocate Health will reimburse you for a yearly membership to a health or fitness club. The thought is that if you exercise, you will be healthier and that exercise can prevent some diseases that cost thousands of dollars to treat.

Advocate Health Insurance Company Personal Liability Products

Advocate is not just a health insurance company. Advocate also sells policies for auto, home, umbrella, recreational vehicles, business insurance, worker’s compensation coverage, bonds, health insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance. Advocate is licensed to sell insurance in Idaho and Washington State and for a few policies, Montana.

Advocate auto insurance policies cover bodily injury and property damage liability as indicated in either Idaho or Washington state law. Personal injury protection, uninsured and underinsured bodily injury is also available on a personal auto insurance policy. The choice of collision or comprehensive coverage is available based on the needs of you and your family.

Homeowners insurance with Advocate is specifically created to cover what for most people is their biggest investment. In most states, it is illegal to own a home without having homeowners insurance to cover it. But beyond the legal obligations, it is very costly to fix or replace something in your home if you do not have homeowners insurance.

Advocate’s Umbrella Liability Policy is meant to cover you if you face a lawsuit because of something that happened on your property or with a vehicle you own. Umbrella coverage goes above and beyond the standard insurance you have on your home and vehicles to cover legal expenses, if you need to defend yourself in court. The more you own, the more you need an umbrella policy.

Boat and recreational vehicle coverage offered by Advocate covers damage against fire, sinking, explosion, collision, windstorm, and theft. It also covers personal liability if you hurt someone or someone else’s property such as hitting a swimmer or crashing into a boat dock. Medical payments for injured parties are also covered.

Advocate Health Insurance Company Non-Liability Products

If you own a business, you most likely need to be bonded. This means that if a customer or a customer’s property is hurt or damaged because of your business, one of your employees, or one of your products, you will be able to pay for damages or medical expenses. Advocate has surety bonds, performance bonds, and licenses for business owners.

Life insurance from Advocate is slightly different than with other companies. Not only does it provide benefits in the event of death and accidental death, but it also provides benefits when a terminal illness is diagnosed. This is so the owner of the policy can decide if they want to do something they have never done before, like travel, before their death or if they want to leave all the money to loved ones for after their death.

No one knows when a disability may occur. Disability insurance can be purchased as a long-term disability or short-term disability policy. It covers your expenses while you recover from a short-term disability or provides coverage for a disability that may be permanent. Some employers carry this for you, so check with your employer before purchasing disability policy.

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