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Accendo Health Insurance Company

Upon research, it looks like there is no health insurer by the name of The Accendo Health Insurance Company. For this review, we’ll look at Accendo Education and discuss the need for students to have health insurance coverage.

Accendo is an organization based in Australia that provides specialized education throughout the world. To reiterate, this is not a health insurance company.

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Accendo Education offers English immersion classes throughout the world and even special study tours for those wishing to learn in Australia.

Why People Choose to Study with Accendo Education

There are many reasons a person would choose to pursue their education in Australia to learn the English language. One of the main reasons is that the cost of education in Australia is much less than it is in other English speaking countries like the United Kingdom or the United States. Australia also prides itself on having a very diverse population so no matter what country the student is from, they will able to feel comfortable.

Australia has one of the best education programs in the world and an excellent reputation in the technology industry. It also provides certain regulations and support services to protect the interests of the student that other countries do not have.

One of the biggest draws to studying in Australia is that foreign students are able to work there to help supplement their income. Once a foreign student begins their studies in Australia, they are eligible for employment. These students are able to work up to 20 hours a week while their classes are in session and as many hours as they want on breaks.

Unlike other countries, a foreign student does not need to apply for a separate working Visa while in Australia. Their student Visa works as both. Also, any family members traveling with the enrolled student are eligible to work in Australia as well.

The Accendo Education Study Tours

The special study tours designed by Accendo Education are English language immersion programs that include specialized Australian culture and tourism activities. These special study tours are designed for business executives, university students, senior citizens, and other types of professionals. The tours run from 14 to 28 days.

These study tours include transport to and from the airport, a single or shared room, free daily breakfast, lunch vouchers, a free dinner three times a week, and many organized activities; in addition to classes. Some of the activities include going to the Sydney Opera House, Featherdale Wildlife Park, the Sydney Aquarium, a day tour of Canberra, St. Mary’s Cathedral, golf school camp, Maroubra Beach, Coogee Beach, and even a visit to the city of Windsor and the city of Richmond. They also schedule plenty of free time so the students can explore Australia independently.

The Accendo Education Campus

Accendo Education offers a very welcoming and comfortable campus for its students. This is especially important to make students so far away from their home countries feel secure. The campus boasts about having a comprehensive library to help with more intense research, private study areas, full air conditioning throughout the campus, wireless Internet, many large classrooms, and a lab area that has all of the lastest technology.

They also offers many services to help their students adjust to the often difficult life abroad. These services include academic counseling to make sure the students are succeeding in their studies and student welfare counselors. The counselor assists the students with issues like finding a part time job and having student health insurance.

Student Health Insurance

When pursuing an education in a foreign country, having student health insurance is very important. Even if the student has health insurance in their home country, most health insurance plans do not cover sickness or accidents that occur in a foreign country.

Specialized student health insurance programs typically offer high medical coverage, prescription medication coverage, maternity coverage, mental health coverage, evacuation and repatriation coverage, and special coverage for student athletes.

Like many insurance plans, student health insurance plans have certain exclusions. Some of them can include pre-existing conditions, congenital conditions, artificial insemination, infertility treatments, experimental treatments, chiropractic treatments, self-inflicted injury, and organ transplants. It is very important to fully understand all of a health insurance policy’s exclusions..

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