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ABBA Health Insurance Company

ABBA, which stands for America’s Business Benefit Association, is a company that provides benefit plans and health insurance to individuals and self-employed people around the country. ABBA is not an insurance provider, but is a broker for these products. They simply have worked with specific health insurance companies to provide specific plan types unique to them.

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ABBA is a national non profit association whose main goal is to provide insurance products to people who normally could not afford them. However, ABBA does not sell traditional health insurance options to their consumers, they provide them with a contact for a discount plan for those who join their service.

The products sold by ABBA include:

Term life insurance
Accident medial insurance
Accident disability income
Accidental death and dismemberment coverage
Critical illness coverage
Optional dental coverage

In addition, ABBA provides discounts to many different locations such as UPS, Office Depot and more.

ABBA Locations

ABBA is available all across the country, however they only have a single location at:

Chesterfield Airport Rd, 2nd Floor
Chesterfield, MO 63017

ABBA Agents

ABBA acts as an independent broker company for the insurance products that they sell. This means that when you call them you will be able to speak with a representative to provide you with the information you want regarding their products.

You will not find any other independent agents selling ABBA products, you can only purchase them directly from the company itself.

ABBA Health Insurance Claims

You have two options for filing a claim. You can call and speak directly with your ABBA representative or you can call the insurance company through which your claims are paid.

One of the downsides to ABBA’s packages is that you will have to file a claim for each service that you receive. In other words, you cannot ask your doctor to file for you, you will have to handle that yourself. What this means is that you will have to pay for whatever services that you need out of pocket and then get paid back by the company.

As the process can take several weeks, this may be a deterrent for many of you when choosing any health insurance coverage.

ABBA Customer Service for Health Insurance Services

The problem with the ABBA website is that it has very limited information. While they do provide a 1800 number for you to call, they don’t let you know what their hours of operations are.

In addition, they only have one phone number into the company. There are no customer service lines, FAQ lines and so on. This means that all calls will go through an automated service, which could take some time.

ABBA Health Insurance Reviews

There are quite a few negative reviews online for ABBA. Part of this stems from the fact that in 2009 a class action suit was filed against the company because they apparently used illegal recruiting practices and misrepresented what their company actually offered.

In addition, ABBA has been accused of illegal hiring practices, offering people an opportunity to join the company and lying about the potential income. Even former employees have made similar negative comments about the company.

Despite all of these complaints, although ABBA is not an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau, they still have given the company an A- rating, largely due to the fact that the company has had 0 complaints in the last three years filed with them. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who have complained, only that no one has complained with the BBB.

ABBA Careers

Simply put, ABBA will hire anyone who has the drive to make sales. The downside to working with ABBA is that you have to pay for your own training and licensing. What’s more, if you don’t grow a client base then they will let you go.

If you are someone already licensed to sell health insurance products, this may not be an issue for you. However, be prepared for a low base pay and a requirement to work mainly for commissions.

ABBA Health Insurance Quotes

You cannot get quotes directly from the ABBA website, instead you will have to call the company directly and ask for quotes. They also do not show what their products cost on their website, with the exception of their dental insurance. This is $26.50 a month for an individuals or $44.50 a month for family services. You cannot buy this on its own, it can only be added to an existing package.

The truth is the only good way to choose the lowest priced insurance is to do it with a quote tool. You can use our quote tool without any obligation to make a purchase.

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