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What is a private healthcare exchange?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Private exchanges predate the ACA state exchanges Private Exchanges are preferred over public exchanges Defined contribution is in, defined benefits are out Multi-carrier exchanges preferred over single-carrier Private exchanges are more about B2C more than B2B [/su_box] The private healthcare exchange is a health insurance marketplace outside enrollment of […]

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What is a grandfathered health plan?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] A grandfathered health plan is a health insurance plan that was created or purchased by an individual before March 23, 2010 Grandfathered plans typically do not have to meet guidelines and minimum essential coverage requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act It is possible for your health plan […]

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What happens if my health insurance is cancelled?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] If your health insurance was canceled because of a change in employment status, you can either go on COBRA insurance or enroll in a marketplace plan If your health insurance is in danger of being canceled because you missed a monthly premium payment, you have a grace period to […]

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What does “commercial health insurance” mean?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Commercial health insurance is private health insurance that is typically purchased through a for-profit company or offered through your employer It covers your medical needs through cost sharing programs that involve premiums, co-payments, and sometimes deductibles Commercial health plans vary in coverage and cost There are five different types […]

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What are health insurance premiums?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Health care is expensive, so that’s why people have health insurance to pay for unexpected health issues that would cause extreme financial hardship Premiums are paid out to cover the costs of claims of the entire group and build up a reserve to handle claims Some of your premiums […]

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Is my therapy covered by health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] If your insurance covers mental health services, the coverage should be equivalent to the coverage you receive for physical health care (i.e. if your specialist copay is $50 then your therapy copay should not be more than $50). The Affordable Care Act requires insurance policies issued through exchanges to […]

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Is liposuction ever covered by health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic procedures are not typically covered by insurance companies, Medicaid or Medicare There are some instances where insurance may cover liposuction. Liposuction as a treatment for lipomas, as part of a breast reduction or as part of a larger reconstructive surgery is often covered […]

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How to See a Doctor Without Health Insurance

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] If you don’t have health insurance, you have a few options for seeing a medical provider Many primary care doctors will accept cash patients. Some even operate cash only practices You could go to a community health clinic The Affordable Care Act requires all Americans to have health insurance […]

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Are health insurance premiums deductible for self-employed?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Self-employed individuals can deduct the costs of individual health insurance Self-employed persons can deduct amounts paid as premiums. Self-employed persons can get Marketplace assistance for premiums, costs, and health savings arrangements Self-employed individuals can purchase insurance on the Obamacare Marketplace or the state exchange of their place of residence […]

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